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ABCya Sight Words (link)

Spelling practice for Dolch sight words.

ABCya Sight Words BINGO (link)

Listen for the sight words. Get a BINGO!

Arcademic Skill Builders (link)

Research-based and standards-aligned educational games that incorporate features of arcade games and educational practices into fun online games that teach basic academic skills.

Bug Catcher: Plural Nouns (link)

Make the lizard eat nouns that are in their correct plural form.

Bug Catcher: Singular Nouns (link)

Make the lizard eat nouns that are in their correct singular form.

Contractions @ Quia (link)

Practice contractions by playing a Matching or Concentration game.

Contractions and Negatives in Space (link)

Find the contractons and negatives.

Exploring for Possessives (link)

Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks on your way to the Cave of Stone Wonders.

Fish 'em Up: (Word Endings (link)

Fish for the right word. Do you double the consonant or change the Y?

Funbrain Reading: Mad Libs Junior - Parts of Speech (link)

Identify parts of speech by clicking on the correct words.

Grammar - Sentence Sea Park (link)

A practice game for different types of sentences.

Grammar - The Sentence Park Game (link)

A practice game for different types of sentences.

Grammar - The Sentence Trail (link)

A practice game for different types of sentences.

Grammar Skills (link)

Includes activities for Phonics, Rhyming Words, Alphabetic Order, Spelling, Pronouns, Conjunctions, Synonyms, Punctuation, and Sentence Construction.

Have Fun with Language (link)

Activities and quizzes on a variety of topics: Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, Categories, Compounds, etc.

Homophones (link)

Different spelling - Same sound. Click on the word that matches the picture.

Irregular Verbs - Past Tense - Concentration (link)

A game of knowledge and memory matching a verb with its past tense.

Jigword2 (link)

Match each abbreviation to the correct word.

Language Arts Skill Builders 3rd Grade (link)

Language Arts activities from Internet4Classrooms.

Life on the Pronoun Reef (link)

Click on the correct pronoun to move through the coral reef.

Noun Dunk (link)

Interactive game to learn nouns.

Pearson SuccessNet (link)

Scott Foresman Reading Street online resources for teachers and students.

Penguins on Ice (link)

Punctuation - Make a sentance.

Pick It: Adjectives (link)

Click on the adjective in each sentence.

Pick It: Adverbs (link)

Click on the adverbs in each sentence.

Pick It: Pronouns (link)

Help Dino Cross the Bridge. Read the sentence, click the log with the best-fitting word.

Plural Play (link)

Be the first to fill a row, column or diagonal, like TIC-TAC-TOE.

Power Proofreading (link)

Proofreading activities for grades 2 through 8. Find and correct errors in grammar and punctuation.

Preposition Desert (link)

Get the kangaroo rats home before it rains.

Pronoun Treasure Hunt (link)

Are you ready to get rich hunting for treasure? Get your personal pronouns right for a chance to gather riches.

Rags to Riches: Adverb Millions (link)

In each sentence, identify the adverb or adverbs.

ReadWriteThink: Eye on Idioms (link)

Online worksheet.

Sentence Clubhouse (link)

Build a clubhouse by correctly identifing and creating sentances.

Spaced Out Subject Verb Agreement (link)

Select the correct verb for each sentence.

Speedword2 (link)

Spell the abbreviated words.

Toon University: Language Arts 1 & 2 (link)

Learning games for Abbreviations, Alphabetizing, Inferences, Opposites, Punctuation and Capitalization.

Verb & Contraction Forest (link)

Fill the forest with animals by learning verbs and contractions.

Vocabulary Practice (link)

Learning vocabulary has never been more fun for 3rd grade students!

Wall of Words (link)

Building Sentences


Comprehension Interactive Activities (link)

Activities for Grades 3-6 on a variety of reading comprehension skills, including plot/setting/characters, sequencing, inferencing, cause/effect, compare/contrast, fact/option and more

MAP Reading (link)

A variety of reading activities grouped (Informational Text - Comprehension: Narrative - Word Recognition, Analysis, Vocabulary - Literature)and sorted by MAP scores.

Pearson SuccessNet (link)

Scott Foresman Reading Street online resources for teachers and students.

Reading Street Websites - Grade 3 (link)

Literacy websites to support the Scott Foresman Reading Street series. Sites selected by Jefferson County, Tennessee Literacy Coach Kristi Waltke.

Spelling City (link)

SpellingCity is an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun. Start by entering your spelling words. Then select Test Me, Teach Me, or Play a Game.

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