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Mr. Marthaller

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My Information

Welcome to Simle and 6th grade. My name is Mr. Marthaller and I am the Kreios 6th grade Math teacher. This will be my 22th year at Simle and my 28th year of teaching overall. Simle is on a block schedule so there are 4 periods each day. In my class, you will have Math every other day on an A/B schedule. This way, you will have Math all year long. You will get accustomed to the schedule very quickly.

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Class Schedule

8:10-8:38 Homebase
8:41-10:11 Period 1-2
10:14-11:44 Period 3-4
11:47-1:47 Period 5-6
11:47-12:17 1st Lunch
12:32-1:02 2nd Lunch
1:02-1:32 3rd Lunch
1:50-3:20 Period 7-8
Lunch period depends on which class you are in during period 5-6.

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Contact Information

The Kreios team meets everyday from 1:50-2:30pm for teaming. This would be a good time to contact us because you will catch more than one person at this time. The school phone # is 323-4600. We are also available before school between the time of 7:45-8:05am and after school between the time of 3:20-3:45pm if you need to contact us.

E-mail address

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Class Requirements

Throughout the year, we will be doing many different things. We will have book assignments periodically, group activities, projects, formative assessments, summative assessments and other classroom activities.I also strongly suggest each student purchase a calculator for the year. There are many times when a calculator is going to be used in class and I do not have enough to give to each student.
Plus, I suggest each student take notes during class to help them with the assignments from the textbook. I will work to update grades on powerschool by the end of each week so you can see the progress. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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General Information

Kreios Handbook: At some point in the next month, I will post a handbook on the Simle website for a team handbook. Please be patient as I get this together.
1st Day: Each homebase teacher will attempt to take their homebase on a tour of the school so they can see where the library, student services, elective and encore classes, office and other things are located.
Lunch Money: Lunch money should be taken to student services in the morning so it can be recorded for the day.
Absences: If your child is absent, please make sure they come to see each of their teachers when they return to get what they missed. It is very important, especially for Math, that they do this. Because I am on an A/B block, I do not see them everyday. Therefore, if they were absent on their Math day, and they return the next day, I will not see them in class so they should find me to get the assignment.
Cell Phones: Please let your child know that cell phones are not allowed in class. If they are using them during class, they will be taken away and will have to be picked up after school.

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