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Business, Careers & Office Education


  1. The student demonstrates correct touch control of the alphanumeric keyboard.
  2. The student demonstrates appropriate applied verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills.
  3. The student demonstrates analytical and computational skills for personal and business applications.
  4. The student uses knowledge and experiences that provide a foundation for lifelong learning.
  5. The student demonstrates problem-solving and decision-making skills using appropriate resources.
  6. The student develops skills for legal and ethical decision making in business and personal situations.
  7. The student demonstrates knowledge and awareness of entrepreneurship, global business, and economic principles.
  8. The student develops and uses consumer economic skills.
  9. The student demonstrates effective group participation and leadership skills in business and personal situations.
  10. The student demonstrates knowledge of technology for business and personal applications.
  11. The student demonstrates effective use of the Internet and other electronic resources.
As Listed from the ND Business Education Framwork.

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