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Course Descriptions


ENGLISH 8..........Full Year
This course covers grammar, the eight parts of speech and their usage and composition including sentence and paragraph writing. Students will also study drama, the short story, the novel and poetry. Composition activities will also be included with these units. Vocabulary and spelling are an important part of this course.

The 8th grade U.S. History course focuses on the creation and development of our country from its beginnings through the 19th century. Our primary goal is to empower students with knowledge of their role in a citizen-based democracy.

EARTH SCIENCE.......... Full Year
This course covers geology, astronomy and weather. The course discusses all forms of earth's processes.

MATH 8..........Full year
The choice for most 8th grade students, Math 8 is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Students write, solve and graph equations and inequalities. Exponent rules, similarity, radicals, data displays, and the Pythagorean Theorem are also studied.

ALGEBRA I.......... Full year This class carries a high school credit.
Algebra I is a branch of mathematics that includes the use of variables to express general rules about numbers, number relationships, and operations. This is the first course in the traditional college preparatory sequence. Students in this course earn high school credit, and must have successfully completed Math 7 Accelerated.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 8..........Semester (extended over the year)
Most units are co-educational. Physical fitness testing occurs each year. The following units are co-educational: soccer, flag football, jogging, physical fitness, frisbee golf, global ball, badminton, bowling, volleyball, archery, and square dancing. Girls and boys may be separated for basketball and wrestling.

CAREER EDUCATION..........Semester (extended over the year)
Students will explore various career options and learn how to prepare for the job hunt. They will understand more about themselves and their skills through various interest and aptitude inventories, the use of the Career Outlook newspaper, and the Choice Explorer software. Students will be introduced to the high school educational planning process with information about graduation requirements, core credits, elective credits, scholarship opportunities, and the dual credit program. Students will be expected to complete a four-year high school plan. They will explore college admission requirements and what sources of financial aid are available. An introduction to financial planning and budgeting will be included. Students will research potential jobs/careers, complete a job application, write a cover letter, a personal resumé, and be introduced to the interview process. Several guest speakers from the community will be included to provide their expertise.

NORTH DAKOTA STUDIES.........Semester (extended over the year)
N.D. Studies reviews various aspects of the state of North Dakota beginning with the early history and includes government, economics, people, and special topics.

COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION.........Semester (extended over the year)
Students will learn and apply technology skills. They will use technology tools to communication and collaborate, to access and evaluate information, and to create and present relevant products. Students will also learn and demonstrate ethical behaviors and responsible use of technology tools.


BAND 8..........Full year
8th grade band gives students the opportunity to further explore the fundamentals of playing their instrument. Emphasis is placed on the full band rehearsal, but there are also sectionals, small ensembles, and individual lessons scheduled regularly within the class period. Students will perform in several concerts, parades, and festivals throughout the year. 8th grade band students may also choose to audition for the Simle Jazz Band, the ND Jr. High All-State Band, and participate in a solo/ensemble festival.

CHOIR 8.........Full year
Music reading, proper vocalization, and harmonizing are stressed. This group performs all types of music and performs concerts and other performances.

ORCHESTRA 8..........Full year
Playing skills and music theory activities are utilized to develop a well-rounded orchestral player.

ART 8..........Semester $18.00 Lab Fee for Materials
Students create works of art using beginning techniques in drawing, pen and ink, painting, weaving, printmaking and clay.

Students will begin to learn proper weight training techniques and safety rules. Programs will be provided to teach students how proper weight training can be a beneficial lifetime activity. Some aerobic activities will be included with the lifting programs. This class will also begin to explore basic human anatomy and muscle functions.

APPLYING TECHNOLOGY .........Semester Lab Fee $15.00
The concept of manufacturing is defined to include all those activities related to the production of goods and services that meet the wants and needs of people. This course expands on the Modular approach taken in the applying technology course for 8th grade. Students will partake in a modular approach to technology and integration. Modules covered will include Digital Manufacturing, Lights and Lasers, Energy/Power Mechanics, Robotics, Research and Design, Digital Graphics, Electronics, Engineering, and Plastics and Polymers. Each module incorporates Technology Application, Math, Science, Reading and Writing, as well as Manufacturing concepts and practices. Students will also have the opportunity to explore various breakout mini-sessions.

FACES OF AMERICA……....Semester
Students will become "cultural explorers" by uncovering information about the different cultures and ethnic groups that make up the diverse population of the United States. Focus will be placed on making connections between themselves and people in the community. Students will use historical information and current events to build a sense of unity through the appreciation of the individuals across North Dakota and the United States.

FACS 8..........Semester $10.00 Lab Fee Students will purchase their own craft and sewing project supplies.
This course will expand on the basic FACS8 class. Students will explore citizenship, etiquette, convenience foods preparation, community service and hand made crafts and sewing projects.

READING PRO 8..........Semester
For students who enjoy reading, this class will develop advanced skills and strategies in reading through various forms of literature. Students will not only review skills but will analyze more challenging text through discussion and reflection.

STEM 8..........Semester
This course will empower students to become innovators in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students will also explore careers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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