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Course Descriptions


ENGLISH 7..........Full Year
This course is an integrated program consisting of library, grammar, composition, literature, and speech. The students develop skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, studying, and researching.

"The Western Hemisphere" is a course that examines Antarctica, South America, Central America, the West Indies, and the United States and Canada. Special emphasis is placed on the interdependence of these regions in the areas of economics, culture, religion, trade, and government.

LIFE SCIENCE 7.......... Full Year
This course covers the scientific method, some of the tools used in the study of science, and laboratory methods. Subjects studied vary from sub-microscopic particles to the biosphere. All four kingdoms (Monera, Protist, Plant, and Animal) are studied. Emphasis is placed on the study of the most complex animal - the human.

MATH 7..........Full Year
The choice for most 7th grade students, Math 7 is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Students extend their understanding of fractions and decimals to solve problems involving all rational numbers, including those with negative signs. Proportions, percent, multistep equations, surface area and volume are also studied.

MATH 7 ACCELERATED.......... Full Year
Students in this course learn at an accelerated pace in order to study a combination of 7th grade and 8th grade standards in preparation for Algebra I as an 8th grade student. In addition to the 7th grade topics, students study linear functions, exponent rules, similarity, radicals, and the Pythagorean Theorem.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION.......... Semester (extended over the school year)
Physical fitness testing occurs each year. In the seventh grade, soccer, flag football, jogging, physical fitness, frisbee golf, recreation sports, badminton, circuit training, basketball, volleyball, softball, aerobics, team handball and floor hockey are taught.

HEALTH..........Semester (extended over the school year)
This course is designed for influencing the behavior of the individuals and improving the health understanding of their own actions and responses to their bodies. Topics covered include chemical dependence, planning your future, stress and mental health, nutrition, human sexuality, and death education.

Speaking and listening while integrating media to emphasize key points are the focal points of this course. The first quarter students will be emerged in skills that will prepare them to compose a formal speech using facts, details and descriptions. Students will continuously be working on logical sequencing of information while using appropriate eye contact, adequate volume, and clear pronunciations. The second quarter students will use group communication skills to market a product using creative ad writing in magazines, billboards, and writing and recording commercials. These second quarter projects will culminate in a group presentation to a panel of judges. Throughout the semester students will be using communications skills to clarify claims and identify reasons for speaking.

ART 7.........Semester $8.00 Lab Fee
This course instills the student with an appreciation of art. Students are taught color, perspective, basic sketching, pen and ink, lettering, ceramics, and design.

BAND 7..........Full Year
7th grade band gives students the opportunity to further explore the fundamentals of playing their instrument. Emphasis is placed on the full band rehearsal, but there are also sectionals, small ensembles, and individual lessons scheduled regularly within the class period. Students will perform in several concerts, parades, and festivals throughout the year. 7th grade band students may also choose to audition for the Simle Jazz Band, the ND Jr. High All-State Band, and participate in a solo/ensemble festival.

CHOIR 7..........Full Year
This course is a vocal elective for music students. Music reading, vocalizing, and harmonizing are stressed.

ORCHESTRA 7.......... Full Year
Playing skills and music theory activities are utilized to develop a well-rounded orchestral player.

21ST CENTURY LEARNING 7.......... Semester
This course will cover basic study skills such as communication, problem solving, technology literacy, social skills. This is a semester long course being offered as an elective to 6th and 7th graders.

BODY MANAGEMENT 7.......... Semester
Components of this class include exercise programs (including circuit training, jogging/walking, and other strong cardio activities), self-image, self-esteem, nutrition/nutrients, menu planning and sport conditioning. There will be classroom education and physical activities.

CULTURAL ART......... Semester $5.00 Lab Fee
This course explores the arts, crafts and cultures of several different ethnic groups. We will create Australian Aboriginal dot paintings and Native American baskets and coil pots. An in-depth study of Japanese language and culture will include Shibori (silk-dyeing), sumie (brush and ink writing), haiku writing and clay teacup building.

EXPLORING TECHNOLOGY 7.........Semester $15.00 Lab Fee
This course is a modular technology course that engages the students in hands-on application through computer-guided instruction. Modules may include architectural drawing, structural engineering, flight, GPS technology, rocketry and space, electricity, digital design, computer graphics and animation, and simple machines. The course will also present the students with various opportunities to explore careers and other breakout sessions. Students will also experience various breakout activities conducted outside the modular environment.

FACS 7..........Semester $10.00 Lab Fee Students will purchase their own sewing supplies.
This elective exposes students to a broad base of daily living skills. Students will explore personal developmental skills, learn about laundry, learn hand-sewing techniques as they make a small craft project, and learn about and prepare nutritious snacks.

READING PRO 7.......... Semester
For students who enjoy reading, this class will develop advanced skills and strategies in reading through various forms of literature. Students will not only review skills but will analyze more challenging text through discussion and reflection.

Spanish Exploratory is designed to introduce students to the basic grammar and word order of the Spanish language, general vocabulary and expressions, and cultural insights. In addition to daily work, quizzes and tests, students participate in listening activities, oral activities, and vocabulary-based projects.

STEM 7..........Semester
This course will empower students to become innovators in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students will also explore careers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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