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Simle Middle School is on a complete four period block schedule.

In keeping with our mission of Working Together to Achieve Success, we believe this educational delivery system will allow continuous improvement for increased student achievement.

Students attend four 90-minute periods with a 28-minute homebase at the beginning of each day.

Advantages of a Block Schedule:
  • Reduce the number of classes students attend and prepare for each day.
  • Increase student opportunities.
  • Reduce the number of class changes.
  • Provide blocks of time that allow and encourage greater student involvement.
  • Students focus on fewer classes each day and each term.
  • Students experience less stress during the day due to less passing time.
  • Students participate in active learning.
  • Students gain a deeper understanding of the content.
  • Students enroll in more electives.
Other benefits:
  • Provides additional instructional time.
  • Provides a vehicle for improved instruction and learning.
  • Provides in-depth, uninterrupted learning experiences.
  • Allows students more intense focus on subject matter.
  • Better meets the needs for different learning styles of students and teaching styles of teachers.
  • Provides the flexibility to coordinate special programs such as tutoring.
  • Eliminates passing times between classes.
  • Improves attendance and reduces discipline referrals and failure rate.
  • Provides for increased teacher and student interaction.
The block schedule has created a calm atmosphere. We hope to improve standardized test scores, attendance, behavior referrals, and the number of students involved in community experiences.

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