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Second Grade

Mrs. Hurt's Links

North Dakota Weather Resources

ND Game and Fish (link)

North Dakota Department of Tourism (link)

PebbleGo Database (link)

You will need a username and password for this database.

The Weather Channel Kids (link)

Weather Around the World (link)


Insect World Records (link)

Moster Bugs (link)

Insect Pictures (link)


Skill Builders: Grade 2 (link)

Second Grade Skill Builders - Interactive Sites

The Virtual Body (link)

Interactive lessons

Education 4 Kids, Inc. (link)

General Math Resources

Lite-Brite (link)

Create your own Lite-Brite pictures.

Pattern Mania (link)

Pattern game. Look at the pattern and decide what comes next.

Math Magician (link)

Math Magician- All Operations (link)

Math is Fun Addition (link)

Math is Fun Subtraction (link)


GameGoo - Educational Games (link)

Educational games that help develop early reading skills identified as important language arts building blocks in state curriculum standards.

PBS for Kids: Arthur Games (link)

Games, activities and free stuff from Arthur!

BookPALS Storyline Online (link)

An on-line streaming video program featuring Screen Actors Guild Foundation members reading children's books aloud. Each book has accompanying lesson plan and activity guide.

Starfall (link)

The Starfall Method promises to improve reading acquisition by using the Internet to help make it fun for the children and easy for the educators. You may order the printed materials that go along with the website for classroom or home use.

Book Order in the Library (link)

MAP Primary Practice (link)

Tumble Books (link)


Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium (link)

General information about the zoo and aquarium.

San Diego Zoo Webcam (link)

Live Web Cams and Zoo Videos

Smithsonian National Zoological Park (link)

Animal Photo Gallery from the National Zoo in Washington, DC

The Belize Zoo (link)

The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center was started in 1983, as an effort to provide a home for a collection of wild animals which had been used in making documentary films about tropical forests.

The Food Guide Pyramid (link)

The Food Guide Pyramid is one way for people to understand how to eat healthy.

The Oakland Zoo (link)

FOSSWeb (link)

The official site for the inquiry based FOSS science curriculum. Support, resources and fun activities.

Astronomy for Kids (link)


Ants (link)

Nature: Critter Guide- Ants (link)

Ant Cluster Map (link)


Penguin Classifications (link)

Description and photos of various types of penguins

Penguin Photos (link)

Click next or previous to see photos.

Penguins (link)

Penguine webquest

Penguins Around the World (link)

Penguin slide show.

Penguins on Ice (link)

Punctuation - Make a sentance.

Perfectly Puzzling Penguins (link)

Do you know how many different kinds of penguins there are? If you want to find the answer to this question and learn more about penguins read our reports!

Antarctic Connection - Penguins of Antarctica (link)

The Antarctic Connection™ is an internet based e-tailer and information source for All Things Antarctic!™. This page provides information on the Penguins of Antarctica.

Antarctic Penguins (Adelie and Emperor) (link)

This page provides information on the Adelie and Emperor Penguins of Antarctica.

Enchanted Learning: Emperor Penguin (link)

Printout with information on the Emperor Penguin.

Penguin Homepage (link)

Fun and facts about penguins.

Penguins In Jeopardy (link)

Information, references and activities about Penguins.

Pete & Barb's Penguin Pages (link)

Ag Day

Ag Sites for Kids (link)

Below is a list of fun agricultural web sites designed for kids.


Great Plant Escape - What are the parts of plants? (link)

Plant parts quiz.


Countries of the World (link)

From Infoplease.

Country Reference (link)

Flags; Foreign Governments; Government Officials; Statistics; World Maps

Country Research (link)

Expedited Visas, Visa Applications, Rush Passport, Passports, Travel

Country Studies (link)

Federal Research Division, Library of Congress

Country Traditions (link)

Offers short descriptions of the holiday traditions, foods and customs in United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, America, Italy, Spain and Israel. (link)

Country Information

Flags (link)

From ABCTeach.

Flags of all Countries (link)

Flags of the World (link)

Flags of the World (FOTW) is devoted to vexillology (the study of flags).

Flags of the world with Peace prayer in official language (link)

Click on a flag or name to see peace messages for the country.

National Anthems & Country Flags (link)

From Encarta

U.S. State Department: Country Information (link)

The publications listed include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of independent states, some dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty.

Countries of the World (CIA World Fact Book+) (link)

19 YEARS OF WORLD FACTS from the USA CIA World Factbooks, the United Nations Statistical Office, The Library of Congress Country Studies and other sources.

Enchanted Learning: State Flags, Pictures and Quiz (link)

View or print each state's flag or take a flag quiz.

A Variety of Good Stuff

PBS Kids (link)

Come play with all your favorite preschool characters!

Enchanted Learning® (link)

Enchanted Learning® produces children's educational web sites which are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment.


Carve a Pumpkin (link)

Pick a pumpkin to carve.

Carve-a-Pumpkin (link)

Click and drag the shapes onto the pumpkin to create different faces.

Pumpkin Carving (link)

Carve a pumpkin online!


Enchanted Learning: Thanksgiving (link)

Thanksgiving Crafts, Decorations, Worksheets, Activities, and Printouts

Thanksgiving Games (link)

Games and activites for the primary and intermediate levels.

The History Channel: Thanksgiving (link)

The history of Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving (link)

Exlore the Mayflower and discover what life was like on the Pilgrims ship. Also has links to the Pilgrims settlement village which allows students to interact find answers to questions of famous Pilgrims.


A Christmas Virtual Field Trip (link)

Christmas Activities (link)

DLTK's Crafts for Kids Christmas Activities

Christmas Around the World (link)

This is a collection of historical Christmas celebrations for many different countries.

Christmas Fun & Games (link)

Fun activities and computer games with a Christmas theme including Tic Tac Toe, Concentration, Trim a Tree, Build a Snowman and more!

Christmas Match Game (link)

animated Flash ecard

Christmas Match Game (link)

Enchanted Learning: Christmas (link)

Christmas Crafts and Printable Activities

Kids Konnect: Christmas (link)

Christmas links.

North (link)

Santa Claus and Christmas at the Northpole

Christmas Around the World (link)

All around the world, people celebrate Christmas. And all around the world, people have taken the celebration of the birth of Jesus and made a Christmas that fits their own country.

Christmas Celebrations Around the World (link)

It is interesting to see how different countries celebrate Christmas. We asked some of our friends to explain what happens in their countries. This web site showcases those stories.

Holiday Fun: Christmas Games (link)

Trim a Christmas tree, play holiday matching games, word searches and other holiday games.

Holiday World (link)

Information and entertainment related to various holidays. Provides history, traditions, jokes, recipes, wall papers, poems, gift ideas, e-cards and screensavers on differnt holidays and festivals.

Holiday World (link)

History of Holidays, Traditions, Customs, and Holiday Trivia.

North Pole Fun & Games (link)

Pictures to print out and color, crafts, games and jokes.

Santa Claus and The North Pole Christmas Mission (link)

Try these online holiday games, track Santa Clause or send Santa an email.

Valentine's Day

Valentine Heart Breaker Game (link)

Click the red hearts; not the silver ones!

Valentine Heart-Tac-Toe Game (link)

You are the crossed arrows. Beat Valentine Frog at Tic-Tac-Toe.

Valentine Match Game (link)

Click on a card to turn it over and reveal a picture. Continue clicking on the cards until you find all the matching pictures.

Valentine's Day Catch Cupid (link)

Catch Cupid with your mouse and CLICK HIM!

Valentine Concentration Game (link)

Click the tiles. When you get two that match, they will stay open. How long does it take you to match them all?

Valentine Drag & Drop Puzzle (link)

Click on the puzzle piece that you want to move... hold your mouse button down, and move the puzzle piece where you think it should go.

Valentine Online Word Puzzle (link)

You have 60 seconds and 12 tries to uncover a word or phrase related to Valentine's Day.

Valentine Online Word Scramble Game (link)

Unscramble each word and type it in the box. When you have done as many as you can, click on "Check Answers" to find out how you did.

Valentine Slider Puzzle (link)

Click on the piece of puzzle you want to move.

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Game! (link)

To start the game, just pick a square and click in it. Then it's BillyBear's turn.Have fun!

Valentine Word Drop (link)

In this game, scrambled Valentine's Day words drop towards the floor. Your mission is to put all the letters in order before the word falls to the bottom of the play area. Click on two letters to exchange their positions. There is no time limit and you

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