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Orchestra Info

Saxvik Orchestra

Orchestra is offered at Bismarck Elementary Schools starting in grade 4. Students begin their instruction at a Summer Strings camp held in August at the beginning of 4th grade and can continue their orchestral instruction through the schools until they graduate.

2012-2013 Concert Dates:

December 13th - Bismarck High Knaak Center - Report time 6:30, Concert at 7:00.

February TBA - Fiddle Fest at the Governor's Mansion

Feburary 23th - Elementary/Middle School Music Festival at Horizon - performance times TBA

April 16th - All-City Orchestra Concert featuring Mark Wood at the Civic Center- Workshops will take place during the day on the 15th and 16th (students will be bussed) and the concert is on Tuesday night at 7:30. More info closer to the date.


After each rehearsal, I will give the students an assignment to practice before the next rehearsal. Once a month, I will use one of these assignments as a "punchcard" where the students will earn a different shaped punch to be added to a card to be stapled into their music book. These tests will focus on certain technical aspects of string playing that is important for the student to develop. Students can retake the test as many times as they need in order to earn their punch out.

I don't set a certain time limit for practice. Each player is different. My advice is to practice each assignment as long as it takes to comprehend. Some students may only need 5 minutes a day while others might need 15. There will be a practicing incentive this year. When the class as a whole reaches a total of 200 minutes of practice, we will throw a music party with breakfast and a music-related game. Students will have a chart in their book to fill out and have parents initial at home, and when they show me, I will record the total number of minutes on a chart to be hung up in the classroom.


It is very important for students to attend each rehearsal. It definitely is a commitment to attend class at 7:30 AM a couple days a week, but we know that your student will benefit in the end and be proud of the knowledge that they have attained.

Please make sure to be on time for rehearsal and have these necessary supplies:

- book
- instrument
- sponge or shoulder rest (violin/viola players)

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