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Peace Bibliography

Peace Pole Guests

These titles are available at various Bismarck Public School libraries:

155.2 Gai

Gainer, Cindy. I'm like you, you're like me : a child's book about understanding and celebrating each other. Minneapolis, MN : Free Spirit, c1998.

Illustrations and simple text explore ways in which children are alike and some ways they may be different.

158 Hub

Hubbard, Woodleigh. All that you are. New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c2000.

Celebrates the reader for following dreams, walking with confidence, standing with courage, living with compassion, forgiving, and embracing peace.

170 Sch

Scheunemann, Pam, 1955-. Being a peacekeeper. Edina, Minn. : Abdo Pub., c2004.

Describes everyday actions, such as being polite, following rules, and being fair, that can help to keep the peace.

179 Net

Nettleton, Pamela Hill. Let's get along! : kids talk about tolerance. Minneapolis : Picture Window, c2005.

Frank B. Wize, advice columnist, talks to kids about tolerance and treating other people with respect.

204 Chi

A child's book of blessings. New York : Barefoot Books, [2006], c1999.

Blessing for those that you love -- Morning blessing -- Blessing for peace -- Blessing for protection -- Blessing to start an activity -- Blessing to end an activity -- Mealtime blessings -- House blessings -- Water blessing -- Fire blessing -- New Year blessing -- Blessing for all life -- Blessing from the stars -- Blessing for a journey -- Halloween blessing -- Christmas tree blessing -- Bedtime blessing. A collection of blessings from a variety of countries and cultures: blessings for times of the day and seasons, for activities and journeys, and for loved ones.

302 Sie

Siegel, Danny. Mitzvah magic : what kids can do to change the world. Minneapolis, MN : Kar-Ben Pub., c2002.

Contains true stories and ideas designed to inspire kids to make a difference in people's lives, the community, and the world around them.

302.3 Lal

Lalli, Judy, 1949-. Make someone smile : and 40 more ways to be a peaceful person. Minneapolis, MN : Free Spirit Pub., c1996.

A collection of photographs of children modeling the skills of peacemaking and conflict resolution.

303.6 Gil

Gilley, Jeremy. Peace one day. New York : Putnam, c2005.

Jeremy Gilley describes his efforts to gather support for the creation of World Peace Day, a plan adopted by the United Nations which set aside September 21 as an annual plea for a global ceasefire and day of nonviolence

303.6 Rad

Radunsky, Vladimir. What does peace feel like? 1st ed. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2004.

Simple text and illustrations portray what peace looks, sounds, tastes, feels, and smells like to children around the world.

303.6 Sch

Scheunemann, Pam, 1955-. Learning about differences. Edina, Minn. : Abdo, c2004.

An introduction to the differences in people and how understanding can help foster peace.

303.66 Sch

Scholes, Katherine. Peace begins with you. 1st U.S. pbk. ed. San Francisco : Sierra Club Books ;, [1994], 1990.

Explains, in simple terms, the concept of peace, why conflicts occur, how they can be resolved in positive ways, and how to protect peace.

303.69 Luc

Lucas, Eileen. Peace on the playground : nonviolent ways of problem-solving. New York : F. Watts, 1991.

Introduces the concept of nonviolent resolution of conflicts. Includes practical tips, hands-on activities, and appropriate role models for guidance and inspiration.

305.23 Ajm

Ajmera, Maya. Children from Australia to Zimbabwe : a photographic journey around the world. Rev. ed. Watertown, MA : Charlesbridge, c2001.

Presents color photos of children from twenty-five countries around the world, describes aspects of daily life and culture in each country, and lists facts about each country including the capital city, languages, total population, number of children, favorite sport, and environmental facts.

305.23 Her

Hermes, Jules, 1962-. The children of India. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, c1993.

Introduces the variety and richness of culture in India by describing the daily lives of children from different regions and social levels.

305.23 Kin

Kindersley, Barnabas. Children just like me. 1st American ed. New York : Dorling Kindersley ;, 1995.

Photographs and text depict the homes, schools, family life, and culture of young people around the world.

305.23 Lif

A life like mine. 1st American ed. London ; : DK, 2002.

Looks at what life is like for children of different countries and how each child can fulfill his or her hopes and ambitions no matter how little or much their human rights are infringed.

305.23 Sim

Simon, Norma. All kinds of children. Morton Grove, IL : Whitman, 1999.

Presents the things that all children over the world have in common, including their need for food, clothes, people to love them, and the opportunity to play.

323 Gno

Gnojewski, Carol. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day : honoring a man of peace. Berkeley Heights, NJ : Enslow, c2002.

Presents the history and meaning behind the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.

341.23 Mel

Melvern, Linda. United Nations. 1st American ed. New York : F. Watts, 2001.
Describes the ways in which the United Nations helps to bring peace and resolve conflict around the world.

341.23 Uni

United Nations. Petersborough, N.H : Cobblestone, 2001.

Welcome to the United Nations -- The United Nations family -- Breaking through language barriers / Kathiann M. Kowalski -- The Blue Helmets : the world's peacekeepers / Ann Stalcup -- United Nations : myths and facts / William A. Miller -- An interview with Kofi Annan / Beryl Goldberg -- In line at the United Nations post office / Cyndy Hall -- Eleanor Roosevelt and the Declaration of Human Rights -- Faces of the United Nations / Elizabeth Bryan -- Model United Nations / John R. Gagain, Jr. -- Art at the United Nations / Lauren Green.

355.02 Rab

Rabinowitz, Richard. What is war? What is peace? : 50 questions and answers for kids. New York, N.Y. : Avon Books, 1991.

Uses the Persian Gulf War of 1991 and other incidents in history to illustrate the nature of war, its causes, and complexities.

361.1 We

We dream of a world... New York : Scholastic, c2001.

Endangered species, homelessness and peace are among the issues tackled in this beautifully illustrated book about our planet offering a lofty dream, tidbits of information about our planet, and suggestions to motivate the reader to action.

361.37 Hoo

Hoose, Phillip M, 1947-. It's our world, too! : young people who are making a difference : how they do it--how you can, too! 1st Sunburst ed. [New York] : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002.

A collection of essays about children who have made notable achievements, arranged in the categories "Taking a Stand," "Reaching Out to Others," "Healing the Earth," and "Creating a Safer Future," accompanied by a handbook for young activists.

390.083 Mon

Montanari, Donata. Children around the world. Toronto ; : Kids Can Press, c2001.

Twelve children from different countries describe how they live.

394.26 Moe

Moehn, Heather. World holidays : a Watts guide for children. 1st ed. New York : F. Watts, c2000.

An illustrated alphabetical guide to celebrations and holidays around the world, including religious, civic, and cultural practices.

398.2 Mac

Peace tales : world folktales to talk about. Hamden, Conn. : Linnet Books, 1992.

A collection of folktales from cultures around the world, reflecting different aspects of war and peace.

629.04 Bae

Baer, Edith. This is the way we go to school : a book about children around the world. New York : Scholastic, c1990.

Describes, in text and illustrations, the many different modes of transportation children all over the world use to get to school.

810.8 Big

The Big book for peace. 1st ed. New York : E.P. Dutton Children's Books, c1990.

Dream / Steven Kellogg -- Two brothers / Lloyd Alexander -- There is an island / Jean Fritz -- Game / Myra Cohn Livingston -- Tree house / Lois Lowry -- They that take the sword / Milton Meltzer -- Law of the great peace / adapted by Joh Bierhorst -- Bus for deadhorse / Natalie Babbitt -- Letter from a concentration camp / Yoshiko Uchida -- Enemies / Charlotte Zolotow -- Birds' peace / Jean Craighead George -- Silent lobby / Mildred Pitts Walter -- Wild safe place / Maurice Sendak -- One more time / Nancy Willard -- I was there / Marilyn Sachs -- Midnight clear / Katherine Paterson -- Ruckus / Thacher Hurd. The wisdom of peace and the absurdity of fighting are demonstrated in seventeen stories and poems by outstanding authors of today such as Jean Fritz, Milton Meltzer, and Nancy Willard, illustrated by famous illustrators such as Paul Zelinsky, the Dillons, and Maurice Sendak.

811 Han

Hanson, Warren. The next place. Minneapolis : Waldman House Press, c1997.

An inspirational verse about the peace and perfection of the afterlife.

811 Tho

Thomas, Shelley Moore. Somewhere today : a book of peace. Morton Grove, IL : Albert Whitman, 1998.

Poetic verse gives examples of ways in which people bring about peace by doing things to help and care for one another and their world

921 Bla

Greene, Carol. Black Elk : a man with a vision. Chicago : Childrens Press, c1990.

A simple account of the life of Black Elk, the visionary and Oglala medicine man who had a vision of universal peace and felt that he saw his people's dream die at Wounded Knee.

921 Dal

Gibb, Christopher. The Dalai Lama : peacemaker from Tibet. Austin, TX : Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c2003.

A biography of the famous exiled leader of Tibetan Buddhism who has campaigned for Tibetan independence and world peace.

921 Gan

Claybourne, Anna. Gandhi : the peaceful revolutionary. Austin, TX : Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c2003.

A biography of the gentle but stubborn man who called on all Indians to disobey British laws through civil disobedience and non-cooperation until India was granted independence.

921 Jos

Shaughnessy, Diane. Chief Joseph : Nez Perce peacekeeper. 1st ed. New York : PowerKids Press, 1997.

Chief Joseph -- The Nez Perce -- Nez Perce life -- Living in peace -- Keeping the peace -- The flight for freedom -- The journey -- More soldiers -- The last fight -- A broken heart. A biography of the great Nez Percé chief who, struggling desperately to keep his tribe safe and free, led them on a flight to Canada.

921 Kin

Jackson, Garnet. Martin Luther King, Jr. : a man of peace. New York : Scholastic, c2001.

921 Sha

Shaw, Maura D. Gandhi : India's great soul. Woodstock, Vt. : SkyLight Paths Pub., c2004.

A biography of Mahatma Gandhi which emphasizes the spiritual beliefs that guided his actions in the nonviolent battle to secure India's independence from Great Britain. Includes activities and a note for parents and teachers.

921 Smi

Galicich, Anne. Samantha Smith : a journey for peace. Minneapolis, Minn. : Dillon Press, c1987.

Describes Samantha Smith's historic trip to the Soviet Union at the invitation of Soviet leader, Yuri Andropov, and her subsequent travels and speeches promoting peace and understanding among nations.

921 Ter

Tames, Richard. Mother Teresa. New York : F. Watts, c1989.

A biography of the nun who founded the Missionary Sisters and Brothers of Charity and gained wide recognition for her work with the destitute and dying in Calcutta and other places. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

941.6 Ros

Ross, Michael Elsohn, 1952-. Children of Northern Ireland. Minneapolis, MN : Carolrhoda, c2001.

Introduces the history, geography, and culture of Northern Ireland through the daily lives of children who live there.

943.7305 Kin

Kinkade, Sheila, 1962-. Children of Slovakia. Minneapolis, MN : Carolrhoda, c2001.

Introduces the history, geography, and culture of Slovakia through the daily lives of children who live there.

954.96 Pit

Pitkänen, Matti A. The children of Nepal. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, 1990.

An introduction to the history, geography, and people of Nepal with emphasis on the day-to-day life of the children.

956.94 Isr

Israel : finding a lasting peace. Peterborough, N.H : Cobblestone Pub, 2004.

Searching for peace -- The many faces of Israel -- Going to school in Israel -- Trees in the desert -- Hebrew old and new -- Eating in Israel -- Life on a Kibbutz -- The Maccabiah Games -- David and Goliath: a play from the Bible.

956.9405 Gro

Grossman, Laurie M. Children of Israel. Minneapolis, MN : Carolrhoda, c2001.

Introduces the history, geography, and culture of Israel through the daily lives of children who live there.

962 Pit

Pitkänen, Matti A. The children of Egypt. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, 1991.

Provides an introduction to Egypt and its people, with a special focus on the day-to-day life of the children.

978.4 Fon

Fontes, Justine. North Dakota : the Peace Garden State. Milwaukee, WI : World Almanac Library, 2003.

Illustrations and text present the history, geography, people, politics and government, economy, and social life and customs of North Dakota, which contains some of the Earth's most fertile farmland.

978.4 Sal

Salonen, Roxane B. P is for Peace Garden : a North Dakota alphabet. Chelsea, MI : Sleeping Bear, c2005.

Presents an A to Z rhyming book that describes the people, geography, history, and symbols of the state of North Dakota.

E Bae

Baer, Edith. This is the way we eat our lunch : a book about children around the world. New York : Scholastic, c1995.

Relates in rhyme what children eat in countries around the world.

E Byn

Bynum, Eboni. Jamari's drum. Toronto : Groundwood Books, [2006], c2004.

Little Jamari loves the sound of the great village drum and often sits at drummer Baba's feet. "Why do you play every day?" he asks. "The drum is the keeper of peace in the village," Baba replies.

E Ell

Elliott, David, 1947-. And here's to you! 1st ed. Cambridge, MA : Candlewick Press, 2004.

A rhyming celebration of all sorts of creatures, from the Feather People (birds) to the Dreaming People (dogs) and even the People People.

E Jun

Jungman, Ann. The most magnificent mosque. London : Frances Lincoln Children's Books ;, 2004.

Three friends--a Christian, a Jew, and a Muslim--who played together as children in the gardens of Cordoba's beautiful mosque, come together as adults to appeal to the Spanish king who has conquered the city to reconsider his plans to tear down the Great Mosque and replace it with a church.

E Par

Parr, Todd. The peace book. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, [2005] c2004.

Describes peace as making new friends, sharing a meal, feeling good about yourself, and more.

E Sma

Small, David, 1945-. Ruby Mae has something to say. New York : Crown Publishers, c1992.

Tongue-tied Ruby Mae Foote fulfills her dream of speaking for world peace at the United Nations when her nephew Billy Bob invents a device to solve her speech problem.

E Wil

Williams, Sam, 1955-. Talk peace. 1st ed. New York : Holiday House, 2005.

Contains, in simple text and color illustrations, a call from kids and animals all around the world to talk about peace and harmony.

Pro 155.2 Gai

Gainer, Cindy. A leader's guide to I'm like you, you're like me : a child's book about understanding and celebrating each other. Minneapolis, Minn. : Free Spirit Pub., c1998.

A companion to the children's picture book, I'm like you, you're like me, this Leader's Guide is a complete introductory course on tolerance anddiversity for ages 3-8.

Pro 170 Lew

Lewis, Barbara A., 1943-. What do you stand for? : a kid's guide to building character. Minneapolis, MN : Free Spirit, c1998.

Text, anecdotes, and activities direct the reader to explore and practice honesty, kindness, empathy, integrity, tolerance, and more.

Pro 361.2 Lew

Lewis, Barbara A., 1943-. The kid's guide to social action : how to solve the social problems you choose-- and turn creative thinking into positive action. [Rev., expanded, updated ed.]. Minneapolis, Minn : Free Spirit, c1998.

Resource guide for children for learning political action skills that can help them make a difference in solving social problems at the community, state, and national levels.

Pro 370.196 Sta

Starting small : teaching tolerance in preschool and the early grades. Montgomery, Ala. : Teaching Tolerance, c1997.

Other books available through Bismarck Public Library and its affiliates.

It's your world--if you don't like it, change it : activism for teenagers by Halpin, Mikki. New York : Simon Pulse, 2004.

Building moral intelligence : the seven essential virtues that teach kids to do the right thing by Borba, Michele. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2001.

Respecting cultural differences by Watson, Susan, 1949- Mankato, Minn. : Smart Apple Media, 2003.

That's not fair! : a teacher's guide to activism with young children by Pelo, Ann, 1965-, Davidson, Fran, 1940- St. Paul, MN : Redleaf Press, c2000.

Being active citizens by Watson, Susan, 1949- Mankato, Minn. : Smart Apple Media, 2003.

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