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Sixth Grade

Some websites of interest to more than one grade level can be found by using the STUDENT RESOURCES and RESEARCH HELP choices at left.


Illuminations: Isometric Drawing Tool (link)

Use this interactive tool to create dynamic drawings on isometric dot paper.

Math is Fun! (link)

Numbers, decimals and fractions, algebra, data, geometry, measurement, and well as games, puzzles, a visual math dictionary and worksheets.

NCES Create-a-graph (link)

Input your data to create one of five different graphs and charts: Bar, Line, Area, Pie, XY. Graphs may be printed, downloaded, or emailed.

Skill Builders: Grade 6 (link)

Sixth Grade Skills - interactive sites to use for assessment practice


Arcademic Skill Builders (link)

Research-based and standards-aligned educational games that incorporate features of arcade games and educational practices into fun online games that teach basic academic skills.

Comprehension Interactive Activities (link)

Activities for Grades 3-6 on a variety of reading comprehension skills, including plot/setting/characters, sequencing, inferencing, cause/effect, compare/contrast, fact/option and more

Have Fun with Language (link)

Activities and quizzes on a variety of topics: Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, Categories, Compounds, etc.

Pearson SuccessNet (link)

Scott Foresman Reading Street online resources for teachers and students.

Power Proofreading (link)

Proofreading activities for grades 2 through 8. Find and correct errors in grammar and punctuation.

Welcome to World of Words! (link)

Vocabulary activities and challenges @ QUIA.

Bio-Cube (link)

Create a summary of a person's life after reading a biography or before writing a biography or autobiography by using the Bio-Cube planning sheet.

Interactive Timeline (link)

Enter the titles, descriptions, dates, events and create a printable timeline.

Book Review PowerPoint -- Criteria (pdf document)
File Size: 45.78 kb

Genre Descriptions (pdf document)
File Size: 33.99 kb

Brief descriptions of literature genres.

Myths, Legends, Folktales, Fairy Tales

Mythology (Encyclopedia of) (link)

This site includes a comprehensive index and is searchable.

Myths, Folktales, Fairy Tales (link)

When we read these traditional stories from around the world, we find that the things we value most highly, fear most deeply, and hope for most ardently are valued, feared and hoped for by all people. Still, while the same yearnings are expressed, each culture has a unique response made richer by details from its society and the local ecology.

The Myth Man's Olympians (link)

Click on any name on the chart to visit that Olympian's page!

The Olympians (link)

For more information, click on the individual deities in this group portrait of THE OLYMPIANS.

Myth Vocabulary (pdf document)
File Size: 378.52 kb

Defines some common terms found in mythology.

Write a Myth (pdf document)
File Size: 380.73 kb

Ideas for writing your own myths.


Astronomy For Kids (link)

Astronomy resource designed to teach children about the exciting world of outer space.

FOSSWeb (link)

Interactive science activities for K - 6 and Middle School.

Invent Now Hall of Fame (link)

Search by Inventor, Invention, or Decade.

Invention At Play (link)

The premise here is that childhood play and toys and games helped inventors invent.

Inventor of the Week: Archive (link)

Search by invention or inventor. Gives information on the invention and a brief biography of the inventor. Includes games too.

ThinkQuest Junior: Greatest Inventors and Inventions (link)

Learn about some of the most famous inventors in the Hall Of Fame,test your knowledge and take the quiz, and share your great invention ideas. It includes games and links to other inventor sites.

Black Inventors A-Z (link)


Gamequarium: Egypt Games (link)

Interactive games and learning activities.

National Geographic: Egypt (link)

Tour the pyramids and find out about the people for whom they were built.

National Geographic for Kids (link)

activities for national geographic


Black History - 200 Notable Icons of African American History (link)

Biographies, both written and video, of notable African Americans in the areas of Activism, Politics, Science, Arts, Education, Sports, Writers, Musicians, Entertainers, and others. Additional links to other Black History topics.

Underground Railroad: Escape from Slavery (link)

Follow one of the four million slaves in America in 1860 as he attempts to escape using the Underground Railroad, a secret network of hiding places and brave people who helped runaway slaves reach freedom.

Black History Webquest (pdf document)
File Size: 79.07 kb

Ten questions with links to sites that provide information on various aspects of Black History.


Iditarod: Anchorage Daily News (link)

Regular updates. Trail Map. Weather on the trail. Mushers. Standings.

NATURE: Sled Dogs (link)

Dogsledding 101 - interactive tool for learning about dogsledding. This website is a companion to the Nature TV program aired on PBS.

Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic (link)

Dogsledding 101 - interactive tool for learning about dogsledding. Who was Balto? This website is a companion to the Nature TV program aired on PBS.

Iditarod: The Official Site of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race (link)

Follow the action of the annual sled dog race in Alaska. Explore information on the race, the mushers, the dogs, and the checkpoints along the trail.

Iditarod: Race Across Alaska (link)

Iditarod activities and information from Scholastic. Learn Iditarod History and all about the Dogs, the Mushers, the Trail, and more.

Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth (link)

Discovery Channel site with information and activities on the Iditarod sled dog race. Check for days and times when you can watch for updates on the Discovery Channel.

Jr. Iditarod (link)

Teens fourteen to seventeen accepting challenges in the Jr. Iditarod dog sled race.

Heather Siirtola, Iditarod Musher: Hardcore Huskies (link)

Musher Heather Siirtola grew up in Bismarck, ND, and ran her first Iditarod in 2007. She owns and operates The Hardcore Huskies racing team.

Seavey's Iditarod Race Team/ Ididaride Sled Dog Tours (link)

Related to a Solheim family.

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