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Fifth Grade

See STUDENT RESOURCES at left for websites on Authors and more.

Giving credit for your sources of information is Your Responsibility. RESEARCH HELP at left will help with planning research and crediting sources.

Plagiarism is taking someone's words or ideas and presenting them as if they were your own.


AAA Math (link)

AAA Math features a variety of interactive arithmetic lessons for Kindergarten through Eighth grade level. Students can learn and review at their current level.

Math is Fun! (link)

Numbers, decimals and fractions, algebra, data, geometry, measurement, and well as games, puzzles, a visual math dictionary and worksheets.

NCES Create-a-graph (link)

Input your data to create one of five different graphs and charts: Bar, Line, Area, Pie, XY. Graphs may be printed, downloaded, or emailed.

Roz's Math-a-rama: Kid's Place (link)

Houghton Mifflin textbook online math resources for grades K-6.


National Park Service: Find a Park (link)

Official US Dept. of the Interior National Park Service website

National Parks A-Z Internet Scavenger Hunt (link)

An A to Z National Park internet scavenger hunt.


Arcademic Skill Builders (link)

Research-based and standards-aligned educational games that incorporate features of arcade games and educational practices into fun online games that teach basic academic skills.

Comprehension Interactive Activities (link)

Activities for Grades 3-6 on a variety of reading comprehension skills, including plot/setting/characters, sequencing, inferencing, cause/effect, compare/contrast, fact/option and more

Have Fun with Language (link)

Activities and quizzes on a variety of topics: Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, Categories, Compounds, etc.

Pearson SuccessNet (link)

Scott Foresman Reading Street online resources for teachers and students.

Power Proofreading (link)

Proofreading activities for grades 2 through 8. Find and correct errors in grammar and punctuation.

Reading Street Websites - Grade 5 (link)

Literacy websites to support the Scott Foresman Reading Street series. Sites selected by Jefferson County, Tennessee Literacy Coach Kristi Waltke.

Spelling City (link)

SpellingCity is an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun. Start by entering your spelling words. Then select Test Me, Teach Me, or Play a Game.

Welcome to World of Words! (link)

Vocabulary activities and challenges @ QUIA.


FOSSWeb (link)

Interactive science activities for K - 6 and Middle School.

North Dakota Geological Survey: Paleontology (link)

Prehistoric Life of North Dakota


Kids Health (link)

Articles on many aspects of child health-for parents, kids, and health professionals-from the Nemours Foundation.

KidsHealth: How the Body Works (link)

Click on body parts to watch movies, take quizzes, read articles, solve word finds, and do activities - - all about the parts of your body!

KidsHealth: Your Brain and Nervous System (link)

Your brain has many parts that work together. Learn about the key players on the brain team.

KidsHealth: You've Got Some Nerve! (link)

So the bossy brain sends all these messages around the body. How? By using nerves.

Neuroscience For Kids (link)

Explore the nervous system.

Neuroscience For Kids - stroop effect (link)

Colors, Colors

Neuroscience for Kids: Pain (link)

Pain and Why It Hurts

The Memory Exhibition (link)



Enchanted Learning: Explorers (link)

Explorers by name, continent, and historic period.

Enchanted Learning: Women Explorers (link)

Astronauts and Cosmonauts; Sally Ride, Bondar and others....

European Explorers Theme Page (link)

Organized By Country For Which They Explored

Explorers of the Millennium (link)

Explore timelines, biographies, take a quiz...and even nominate another explorer to be added to the site.

Kids Konnect: Explorers (link)

PBS: Conquistadors (link)

Learn about the Spanish Conquistadors in the New World - and the legacy of their contact with Native Americans.

The Biography Channel (link)

Biographies, videos and interviews.


Geography Glossary (link)

Geography vocabulary words with pictures AND definitions.

Major US Landforms (link)

Click on a landform to learn more.

All About World Geography (link)

Identify World Continents and Oceans. Games for Beginner to Expert.

Geography Games (link)

Geography games

My Wonderful World: Geography is Thrilling (link)

You might not know it, but you're already a global citizen-geography is a part of your everyday life. Find out how at this National Geographic website.

National Geographic Geography Trivia (link)

Test your geography smarts online.

WorldAtlas - Explore Your World (link)

Develop your understanding of Geography. Find Latitude & Longitude. Learn the difference between Relative & Absolute locations.


American Indians and the Natural World (link)

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Knife River Indian Villages - NPS (link)

Explore the lives of the Northern Plains Indians on the Upper Missouri.

Marilee's Native Americans Resource (link)

If you want to learn about Native Americans as they were before the Europeans arrived, it helps to divide the continent into ten culture groups.

Native American Sites (link)

This site facilitates communication among Native peoples and between Indians and non-Indians by providing access to home pages of Native American Nations and organizations, and to other sites that provide solid information about American Indians.

Native Americans (link)

Research/Informational Sites

Native Americans in Olden Times (Mr. Donn) (link)

Information and activities on Native Americans of North America, as well as Central and South America.


American Memory from the Library of Congress: Presidents (link)

Search all Presidential categories.

America's Presidents Crossword (link)

Learn about the President's job and get to know some of our nation's most important leaders as you explore these great Web sites.

Portraits of Presidents and First Ladies (link)

The selected images include at least one likeness of each of the forty-one presidents and most of the first ladies.

President for a Day (link)

Apply for the job as president, then go through a day in the life of a president, making choices throughout the day.

Secrets about the Presidents (link)

Explore little know facts about some of our former presidents.

Presidents of the United States (link)


Internet Public Library: POTUS (link)

Find biographical information, election results, and important events of presidents.

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