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Third Grade


Math Resources (link)

The resources on these pages are consistent with our district methodology and are believed to be of value to students who are ready to learn the information associated with a particular level. There are two ways in which you may search this database: (1) RIT range - RIT is a student proficiency range that results from the district assessment or (2) by benchmark area - as associated with grade and North Dakota State Standard.

AAA Math (link)

AAA Math features a variety of interactive arithmetic lessons for Kindergarten through Eighth grade level. Students can learn and review at their current level.

Beginning Fractions (link)

Visual representation of a fraction.

Comparing Fractions (link)

Comparing - Like Denominators

Fractions: Eighths (link)

Visualization and practice.

Fractions: Fourths (link)

Visualization and practice.

Fractions: Tenths (link)

Visualization and practice.

Identify Fractions With Circles (link)

Identify Fractions uses circles to demonstrate the meaning of numerator and denominator.

Matching Game: Fractions (link)

Match the fractions to the models.

Math Fact Cafe (link)

Free printable math worksheets for elementary school and home use. This includes generators for math drills, flashcards, time, and money!

Math is Fun! (link)

Numbers, decimals and fractions, algebra, data, geometry, measurement, and well as games, puzzles, a visual math dictionary and worksheets.

Mr. Martini's Classroom: KIDS Math (link)

All kinds of math activities and flash cards for all ages. There is a separate page for primary students on counting, patterns, telling time and more.

Primary Games: Fractions (link)

Learn fractions with pizza.

Roz's Math-a-rama: Kid's Place (link)

Houghton Mifflin textbook online math resources for grades K-6.

Tetris (link)

Skill Game


Alphabetic Order - A to Z (link)

Click on the books in alphabetic order.

Alphabetic Order - Guide Words (link)

Drag and drop each word onto the right dictionary page. Use the guide words to help you organize the words alphabetically.

Alphabetic Order - Word List 2 (link)

Put these words in alphabetic order by dragging them over to the correct place in word order list.

Mem Fox (link)

Listen as Mem Fox reads (or sings) some of her books aloud.

Pearson SuccessNet (link)

Scott Foresman Reading Street online resources for teachers and students.

Power Proofreading (link)

Proofreading activities for grades 2 through 8. Find and correct errors in grammar and punctuation.

Reading Planet (RIF) (link)

Read Along stories, as well as other games and activites to build reading skills.

Reading Street Websites - Grade 3 (link)

Literacy websites to support the Scott Foresman Reading Street series. Sites selected by Jefferson County, Tennessee Literacy Coach Kristi Waltke.

Spelling City (link)

SpellingCity is an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun. Start by entering your spelling words. Then select Test Me, Teach Me, or Play a Game.

Starfall (link)

Pre-K through Grade 2 -- Where children have fun learning to read!

Storyline Online (link)

Members of the Screen Actors Guild read children's books.

The Official Robert Munsch Website (link)

All about the author.

Whootie Owl's Audio Stories (link)

Listen to stories on Dealing with Adversity or Caring for Others. or Caring for Others. Search for stories based on country of origin, theme, age of reader, and more.


Contractions @ Quia (link)

Practice contractions by playing a Matching or Concentration game.

Contractions and Negatives in Space (link)

Find the contractons and negatives.

Fish 'em Up: (Word Endings (link)

Fish for the right word. Do you double the consonant or change the Y?

Funbrain Reading: Mad Libs Junior - Parts of Speech (link)

Identify parts of speech by clicking on the correct words.

GameGoo - Educational Games (link)

Educational games that help develop early reading skills identified as important language arts building blocks in state curriculum standards.

Life on the Pronoun Reef (link)

Click on the correct pronoun to move through the coral reef.

Noun Dunk (link)

Interactive game to learn nouns.

Penguins on Ice (link)

Punctuation - Make a sentance.

Plural Play (link)

Be the first to fill a row, column or diagonal, like TIC-TAC-TOE.

Preposition Desert (link)

Get the kangaroo rats home before it rains.

Rags to Riches: Adverb Millions (link)

In each sentence, identify the adverb or adverbs.

ReadWriteThink: Eye on Idioms (link)

Online worksheet.

Sentence Clubhouse (link)

Build a clubhouse by correctly identifing and creating sentances.

Toon University: Language Arts 1 & 2 (link)

Learning games for Abbreviations, Alphabetizing, Inferences, Opposites, Punctuation and Capitalization.

Verb & Contraction Forest (link)

Fill the forest with animals by learning verbs and contractions.

Wall of Words (link)

Building Sentences


Animal Bytes (link)

Each byte is a one-page fact sheet specifically designed to help you quickly find information about some of the interesting creatures found in the animal kingdom.

Animal Bytes - San Diego Zoo (link)

Animal profiles, games, videos, and a few live cam features. Profiles indicate where animals are on the threatened / endangered status.

Drippy the Raindrop (link)

The Many Adventures of Drippy the Raindrop: To the Mountains and Back!

Food Detectives Fight Bac! (link)

We need your help to fight an enemy... BACTERIA!
Come with us, and we'll show you how to fight this disgusting enemy.

FOSSWeb (link)

Interactive science activities for K - 6 and Middle School.

Great Plant Escape (link)

Help Detective Leplant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life!

MyPyramid for Kids (link)

Food Pyramid information and activities designed specifically for children aged 6 to 11.

Simple Machines: Edheads Activities (link)

Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed!

Types of Land (link)

Learn more about types of land when you click on the interactive map.

Water Cycle (link)

PowerPoint Presentation of 9 slides on the water cycle (from California State University @ Sacramento).


All About World Geography (link)

Identify World Continents and Oceans. Games for Beginner to Expert.

American Icons (link)

Symbols of America are listed; visit all of the pages.

Ben's Guide (K-2): Symbols of Government (link)

Ben's Guide to Symbols of U. S. Government.

Symbols of the USA (link)

There are many symbols that represent the United States of America. Some of the most popular ones can be examined at this Enchanted Learning website.

U. S. Symbols Thinkquest (link)

A symbol is an object that represents something else. Here we study a few symbols of the United States of America.

World Quiz (link)

Test your geography knowledge.

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