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Third Grade

Mrs. Allen's Class Links

Tops and Bottoms

Tumblebooks (link)

Tumblebooks website, will need password to access.

Veterans Day (link)

Veterans Day activites


National Geographic Animals (link)

An A-to-Z listing of animal facts for Elementary.

World Almanac for Kids-Animals (link)

World Almanac for Kids explores facts on animals

Animal Pictures

Animal Planet (link)


Cinderella (link)

Stories and Rhymes.

Rumplestiltskin (link)

Stories and Rhymes.

Stories and Rhymes (link)

You can find all of our stories and rhymes by using the categories listed, or try our current recommendation.

The Genre of Fairy Tales (link)

Learning About the Genre of Fairy Tales.


XtraMath (link)

Helping kids master basic math facts

Length Strength (link)

Elementary length and measurement enrichment game.

Fun Brain: Measurement game (link)

Game on measurement. FunBrain will show you a ruler with a red bar above it. Click on the length of the red bar. You can play with centimeters or inches. (link)

This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.

AAA Math (link)

AAA Math features a variety of interactive arithmetic lessons for Kindergarten through Eighth grade level. Students can learn and review at their current level.


Dirtmeister: Simple Machines (link)

Hello, science reporters! I challenge you to learn about the six types of simple machines. Then find an example of one you've seen at school, home, or anywhere and write about it.

Great Plant Escape - What are the parts of plants? (link)

Plant parts quiz.

Leonardo's Mystery Machines (link)

Click on one of the eight red buttons on the left to view one of Leonardo's Mysterious Machines.

Plants and Our Environment (link)

This web site is about plants. You will learn about how plants grow and the different parts of a plant.

Ranger Rick (link)

Created by the National Wildlife Federation.

Simple Machines (link)

Simple machines make work easier for us by allowing us to push or pull over increased distances.

Simple Machines (link)

Students will investigate and understand simple machines and their uses.

Simple Machines (link)

A machine is a tool used to make work easier. Simple machines are simple tools used to make work easier. Compound machines have two or more simple machines working together to make work easier.

The Great Plant Escape (link)

Each of the lessons in this program is interdisciplinary, designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow.


FOSSWeb (link)

The official site for the inquiry based FOSS science curriculum. Support, resources and fun activities. (link)

MyPyramid Plan offers you a personal eating plan with the foods and amounts that are right for you. Click on the MyPyramid Plan box to get started.

Enchanted Learning: Skin Anatomy (link)

Anatomy of the skin.

The Whole Story on Skin (link)


North Dakota Wheat Commission (link)


Bats (link)

List of research and informational sites relating to bats.

LHS Bat Quiz (link)

Lawrence Hall of Science.

Slideshow of the Alaska Iditarod Sled Dog Race (link)

Alaska Iditarod Tours slideshow of the Iditarod race.

The Official Site of the Iditarod® (link)

Anything you every wanted to know about the Iditarod!

Ultimate Iditarod (link)

Provides comprehensive information about sled dog racing and the people and dogs of the Last Great Race on EarthTM--the 1,150-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

White House for Kids (link)

Educational opportunity for young Americans to learn about the White House and the President through fun and exciting features.

Amazing Feats (link)

Guinness World Records

Extreme Mammals (link)

Fastest, largest loudest, etc.

Extreme Sports (link)

Jr. Iditarod (link)

Teens fourteen to seventeen accepting challenges in the Jr. Iditarod dog sled race.

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