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First Grade

Mrs. Eckroth's Class Links

Mrs. Stoltz's Class Links



Funbrain Playground (link)

A great website that uses problem solving and estimation skills to play games.


Tumblebooks (link)

Tumblebooks website, will need password to access.

Starfall (link)

The Starfall Method promises to improve reading acquisition by using the Internet to help make it fun for the children and easy for the educators. You may order the printed materials that go along with the website for classroom or home use.

Between the Lions: Games (link)

Between the Lions games.


AAA Math (link)

AAA Math features a variety of interactive arithmetic lessons for Kindergarten through Eighth grade level. Students can learn and review at their current level. (link)

This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.

Fun Brain: Kids Center (link)

Educational browser games for kids and adults.

UpToTen (link)

Prize-winning early-learning games and activities.


Animal Sounds Library (link)

Welcome to the SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Sounds Library! Press "listen" to hear an animal sound. Click on an animal name to learn more about that animal.

Forces and Movement (link)

Science clips

Gravity activity (link)

Two online activities on gravity with ramps and levers.

Learn about Whales (link)

Read the story to learn more about whales. Take the quiz and see what you have learned.

Pushes and pulls (link)

Science clips

Types of Whales (link)

Whale Types and Migration


American Presidents (link)

The American Presidents web site contains a complete video archive of all American Presidents: Life Portraits programming, plus biographical facts, key events of each presidency, presidential places and reference material. Pick a president and explore.

Chick Hatchery (link)

Genetics: Decoding Life

Iditarod Photo Galleries (link)

Daily photos of the Iditarod race. Gallery includes photos starting with 1997.

Presidents Coloring Pages (link)

Download, print and color drawings of the presidents. You can download them one at a time or all at once.

Presidents' Day Games (link)

White House Jigsaw, Name That President and Lincoln Slider Washington Slider.

Primary Games: Spring Games (link)

Spring Fun

Slideshow of the Alaska Iditarod Sled Dog Race (link)

Alaska Iditarod Tours slideshow of the Iditarod race.

Spring Games (link)

Fun Spring Online Games for the family! -

Spring Holidays (link)

Spring recipes, craft ideas, coloring pages and more. -

The Official Site of the Iditarod® (link)

Anything you every wanted to know about the Iditarod!

Ultimate Iditarod (link)

Provides comprehensive information about sled dog racing and the people and dogs of the Last Great Race on EarthTM--the 1,150-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Valentine Concentration Game (link)

Click the tiles. When you get two that match, they will stay open. How long does it take you to match them all?

Valentine Drag & Drop Puzzle (link)

Click on the puzzle piece that you want to move... hold your mouse button down, and move the puzzle piece where you think it should go.

Valentine Online Word Puzzle (link)

You have 60 seconds and 12 tries to uncover a word or phrase related to Valentine's Day.

Valentine Online Word Scramble Game (link)

Unscramble each word and type it in the box. When you have done as many as you can, click on "Check Answers" to find out how you did.

Valentine Slider Puzzle (link)

Click on the piece of puzzle you want to move.

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Game! (link)

To start the game, just pick a square and click in it. Then it's BillyBear's turn.Have fun!

Valentine Word Drop (link)

In this game, scrambled Valentine's Day words drop towards the floor. Your mission is to put all the letters in order before the word falls to the bottom of the play area. Click on two letters to exchange their positions. There is no time limit and you

White House for Kids (link)

Educational opportunity for young Americans to learn about the White House and the President through fun and exciting features.

March of the Penguins game (link)

Animal Planet (link)

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