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Academic Information

Practice those FACTS!!

Math lessons will be from the Investigations series. We will also be reviewing basic facts and skills. As part of ongoing skill review and practice, students will also be assigned weekly review problems (Drops in the Bucket or DIB). I encourage you, if you do not already have a set of flashcards for all four functions,(addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to go and purchase them. It is shown that students that are able to recall their math facts faster, are able to comprehend the skill we are working on better.

Reading and Language Arts
Read and Succeed
Reading and Language Arts

Reading will consist of a reading text and novel units. Students will have an opportunity to read in small groups as well as whole class instruction. Grades will be taken on skills and comprehension. We will be testing each selection at the end of the story, on Fridays. Please encourage your child to have a book to read in school and at home.
Language instruction will consist of grammar and writing. Daily Language and journal writing with some published writing will be completed regularly.

independent reading
Turn into a "Book Worm"
Independent Reading Projects

We will be exploring some of the different genre that is available to read. I will be introducing a new genre when we enter them with our reading series. I will be asking the students to keep track of their reading time on a Weekly calendar that will be turned back in on Fridays. Books may be from the school or public library, from my classroom library, or your personal books. I am asking for the books to be a chapter book (when it applies) and also at their reading (lexile) level.
We will continue working on our Stamina through the year so that we are able to Read to Self.

united states
Where Do You Live?
Social Studies

The focus in 4th grade is learning about our great state during North Dakota Studies. We will be learning about the geology of North Dakota to start the year off, then the American Indians and the explorers and early settlers that came to this area. Along with learning about ND, it is also important to learn where we are in relation to the rest of the United States. We will be looking at the 5 different regions and learning the location of all 50 states through testing during the year. Look at the planners to see when tests will be coming up and there will be a study guide that will come home to study from.


Students will be doing various hands on experiments in Science. We will be learning about magnetism and electricity, measurement, digestive system, space, and foods chains and webs.

The students will also get to work on Lego Robotics again and build on their experience from 3rd grade.

Use Wisely

Each week, we will have an opportunity to visit the computer lab as well as additionally scheduled times throughout the week. Students will use the lab for research, creating projects, learning keyboarding skills, and some entertainment, too.Some technology equipment that we have in our classroom, include an ActivBoard, ActivExpressions/Votes, and the use of a document camera, . These are exciting, interactive learning tools which enhance student learning and enjoyment. We are fortunate to be able to have these tools available to us. There will be opportunities throughout the school year for students to learn Internet safety as well. Please talk to your child about the appropriate usage, care, and safety of technology equipment.

Study Your Words!

A new spelling unit will begin each Friday with their list of words coming home. . During the unit, students will practice spelling the words, learn definitions, and use the words in sentences. Online practice is available on Spelling City (look at Computer Resources link). The final weekly tests will be on the following Friday. You can also find the unit's spelling words if you view the calendar and click on the test and more details. It will take you to a list in case you misplace your list.

Grade Scale

Standards-Based Report Cards

Why A Standards-Based Report Card?
The most important difference between standards-based instruction and reporting compared to traditional practices is the focus on what students actually learn, not just what is taught.

Standards specify what students are expected to learn and be able to do at each grade level. Performance levels reflect how well students are achieving these standards.

The purpose of this new reporting system is to provide parents more detailed information regarding the progress their child is making toward specific academic learning standards as they are reflected in our district's curriculum. This Standards-Based Report Card allows parents and students to understand more clearly what is expected of students and how to help them be successful in their educational career.

Letter grades measured how well students did in camparison to their classmates. The Standards-Based Report Card measures how well an individual student is doing in relation to the grade-level standards, the the work of other students. This will give parents a better understanding of their child's strengths and needs and encourage all students to do their best.

4=Exceeds the standard
3=Meets the standard
2=Making progress toward the standard
1=Does not yet meet the standard

*Please note, that a 3 should NOT interepreted as a B. A score of 3 means that the student is consistenty and independently meeting the standard!

Phy. Ed.

Phy. Ed. Days will be on Tuesda, Thursday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, the students need to be down in the gym by 8:4o, so they need to hustle into the room and get their chores done so we can be down to class on time. !

PLEASE make sure you have your shoes for these days. It is hard to participate when you are not wearing the proper footwear!


Our Music Days will be on Tuesday and Thursday.
Those that are in Orchestra, it will be on


Our Check Out Day will be on Mondays with Mrs. Bitz.

PLEASE remember to bring books back each week to either return or to renew. This is also a responsibility issue.

We have LMS (Library Media Specialist) on Wednesdays with Mrs. Werle.


We will be working on two new programs this year for 4th
Graders. They will be working on Fraction Nation and also a Key boarding class to help improve their typing skills. We will be working on these in the classroom during our Dailies.

On we will go to the computer lab and will be working on projects. Remember that our technology rules state that we will use the computers responsibly!!!

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