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Classroom Information


Here is some information to help make our year a successful one!!


Planners will be new this year. Cost of the planner is $4.00

This is a great way for you to communicate with your child about what is going on each day in school. I know from experience that when you ask, "What happened in school today?", they will say, "NOTHING". Now you have a way to talk about the activities that they did during the day.

*Each morning your child will hand in their planner and I will check it in: I am checking to make sure that the planner is filled in AND that it is signed by parent/guardian each night.
* The planners will be handed back to the students and they will fill out our daily activities.
* When your child brings home the planner each night, look through it to see if there is any homework, projects, tests, or things that need to be brought to school. You sign the planner when you have looked at it. You may use your abbreviations, * There will be a chart in the planners and each day your child brings the planner filled in and signed, they will receive a sticker. When the chart is full, they will be adding charms to their necklace. .

WHY a Planner??
I want students to learn to be organized. Writing things down is a great skill for everyone to learn!!

Supply List
Supply List

Supply List
Check School Website

These items were not on the website...but I would like you to have them..

Red Pen
Dry Erase Markers



Homework is an important part of your child's school experience. Supporting good work habits requires a joint effort. I will support your child and encourage good work habits at school. Your child will benefit greatly from your support and encouragement at home.
You may wonder how much homework your child will have in fourth grade? He/she should be studying the weekly lists of spelling words, studying their math facts (addition, subtraction and multiplication, we will be adding division later!) by flash cards or there are many great web sites out there (check out web resource page link).
The final thing is READING! I will be sending home a weekly reading log...the goal would be at least 100 minutes a week for reading. Your child should be reading a chapter book, one that they are able to read at home and also stick in their backpack to bring to school to read.
As far as schoolwork, students are expected to have all assignments done the following morning.I call this H.O.T. time, (Homework on Time). They will have plenty of time to work in class but if they do not get it done in that alotted time, they are responsible to take it home. The assignments will be handed in each morning, and will be counted late after the morning check in.

snack and water bottle
Snacks and Water Bottles

Healthy snacks can be brought to have in the morning between breakfast and lunch. I find that 4th graders need this to help them make it through the morning. We have snack time in the morning during work time. Students are responsible for their own snacks. Remember it is a SNACK not a meal. They should be able to eat the snack within 15 minutes.

I have a fridge in the room, so if they need to put something in there they can. Examples would be yogurt, cheese, or maybe those little Sunny D's.

Ideas:Fresh, canned, frozen or dried fruits;raw vegetable;1/2 pb sandwich;cereal;nuts( I will let you know if we are not able to have these, in case there is a nut allergy. One of our aides is allergic to them, so we will let her know if we have them!!!);cottage chees;juice;jerky;crackers;trail mix;muffins;tortilla rollups with meat and cheese;fruit juice;
These are just a few….

Water bottles may be kept at desks as long as the bottles are returned home regularly for cleaning. These are to drink...BUT NOT to play with!!!

book orders
Book Orders

I will be sending book orders home periodically through the year. If you are interested please fill out the slip, MAKE sure your child's name is on the slip, and send it along with the money in an envelope. If you are writing a check, make it out to Scholastic.

You are also able to order online. Many parents like this because they are able to use their credit card. Here is the web connection for ordering:

There are times I send home more than one order, you are still able to write just one check. Students will be writing the due date for the book orders in their planners.

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