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Third Grade


Fables (link)

Activities and fables that can be read aloud or printed out.


A to Z Kids Stuff: Hawaii (link)

General information

Enchanted Learning: Hawaii (link)

Facts, Map and State Symbols

Hawaii State Geography (link)

So you want to know about Hawaii?

Hawaiian Monk Seal (link)

Defenders of Wildlife

Map of Hawaiian Islands (link)

Click on any Island to view a large detailed map

Welcome To Virtually Hawaii!! (link)

The primary objective of the Virtually Hawaii project is to assemble a data base of satellite, space shuttle, and aircraft remote sensing images covering the state of Hawaii.


Animals of the Desert: Research Page (link)

Use this form to help research about animals of the desert.

Desert Plant Life Research (link)

Use this form to help you in researching desert plant life.

Desert Poetry (link)

Use this form to write a poem about the desert.

Desert Report: Comparing deserts (link)

Comparing Deserts with Venn Diagrams

DesertUSA (link)

Desert Life in the American Southwest

Earth Floor: Desert Biome (link)

Site provides information on desert animals and animal adaptations. Offers links to desert plants and their adaptations, other biomes, and more.

Dewey Decimal Classification System

Dewey and the Alien (link)

Learn how to remember what each of the Dewey hundreds groups represents.

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