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Sixth Grade

Ancient Greece (link)

Click on the links to learn about daily life, Athens, and gods and goddesses.

Ancient Greece (link)

Click on the links to learn about the history of the Olympics, gods and goddesses and history of the ancient greeks.

Ancient Greeks (link)

Learn about Greek world, people and lifestyle.

Greece by Mr. .Donn (link)

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome topics (link)

Click on the list of Roman topis for ideas or to learn more about that topic.

Google Earth Ancient Rome (link)

Learn how to use/download Google Earth through the You Tube video or watch the Google earth video to view Rome in 320 AD.

History for Kids (link)

Click on the links to learn about Roman science, clothing, religion, economy, environment, entertainment and more.

Rome Reborn (link)

Click on the pictures or videos to view Rome and learn more about the buildings and history of the city.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt (link)

MSN Encarta Encyclopedia Article

Ancient Egypt - The British Museum (link)

Several maps of ancient and modern Egypt.

Ancient Egypt: Clothing (link)

Ancient Egyptian garments including clothing materials, production, articles of dress, laundering, and footwear.

Ancient Egyptian Culture (link)

From the Minnesota State University Mankato eMuseum.

Ancient Egyptian Government (link)

About Ancient Egyptian Government

Ancient History: Egypt (link)

Ancient Egypt Timeline

Ancient History: Egyptians (link)

The Story of the Nile

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt (link)

From the Minnesota State University Mankato eMuseum.

Egyptian Mummies (link)

Photos, Picture, Facts, Resources from National Geographic Kids.

Eternal Egypt (link)

A record of a land rich in art and history, people and places, myths and religions.

Gamequarium: Egypt Games (link)

Interactive games and learning activities.

Geography of Ancient Egypt (link)

From the Minnesota State University Mankato eMuseum.

Internet Resources: Egypt (link)

Links to resources on Egypt

Odyssey: Egypt (link)

Choose one of the themes to learn more.

Tour Egypt (link)

Travel, Tours, Vacations, Ancient Egypt, History and shopping

Ancient Egypt Thinkquest (link)

A study of ancient Egypt.

CyberHunt: Egypt's Pyramids (link)

Each pyramid in Egypt is a wonder of ancient engineering and construction. Take a cyber trek to find out more!

Guardians Egypt (link)

This index of sites includes tons of other links to information about Ancient Egypt. Panoramic virtual tours of pyramids, data about gods/goddesses and TONS of other links to numerous to mention!

National Geographic: Egypt (link)

Tour the pyramids and find out about the people for whom they were built.


Acrostic Poems (link)

Write and acrostic poem.

Bio-Cube (link)

Create a summary of a person's life after reading a biography or before writing a biography or autobiography by using the Bio-Cube planning sheet.

Diamante Poems (link)

Create your own diamante poem on this template web site.

Flip Book (link)

Create your own flip book. Type text and use the online graphics or drawing tools to customize the flip book before it's printed.

Letter Generator (link)

Learn the parts of the letter and how to write a letter.

Read Right Think Printing Press (link)

Create a flier, brochure, newspaper, or booklet. Multiple pages can be created and folding/stapling options are available at the end of the session.

Interactive Timeline (link)

Enter the titles, descriptions, dates, events and create a printable timeline.

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