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A Christmas Virtual Field Trip (link)

Christmas Activities (link)

DLTK's Crafts for Kids Christmas Activities

Christmas Around the World (link)

This is a collection of historical Christmas celebrations for many different countries.

Christmas Fun & Games (link)

Fun activities and computer games with a Christmas theme including Tic Tac Toe, Concentration, Trim a Tree, Build a Snowman and more!

Christmas Match Game (link)

animated Flash ecard

Christmas Match Game (link) (link)

The Merriest Place In Cyberspace!

Elves' Game Chest (link)

More fun with Santa Claus

Enchanted Learning: Christmas (link)

Christmas Crafts and Printable Activities

Kids Konnect: Christmas (link)

Christmas links.

Mrs. Claus's Workshop (link)

Read about Christmas traditions.

North (link)

Santa Claus and Christmas at the Northpole

Christmas Around the World (link)

All around the world, people celebrate Christmas. And all around the world, people have taken the celebration of the birth of Jesus and made a Christmas that fits their own country.

Christmas Celebrations Around the World (link)

It is interesting to see how different countries celebrate Christmas. We asked some of our friends to explain what happens in their countries. This web site showcases those stories.

Holiday Fun: Christmas Games (link)

Trim a Christmas tree, play holiday matching games, word searches and other holiday games.

North Pole Fun & Games (link)

Pictures to print out and color, crafts, games and jokes.

Santa Claus and The North Pole Christmas Mission (link)

Try these online holiday games, track Santa Clause or send Santa an email.


Carve a Pumpkin (link)

Pick a pumpkin to carve.

Carve-a-Pumpkin (link)

Click and drag the shapes onto the pumpkin to create different faces.

Pumpkin Carving (link)

Carve a pumpkin online!

The Pumpkin Farm (link)

President's Day

American Memory from the Library of Congress: Presidents (link)

Search all Presidential categories.

America's Presidents Crossword (link)

Learn about the President's job and get to know some of our nation's most important leaders as you explore these great Web sites.

From Revolution to Reconstruction: Presidents (link)

This is an index on the presidents of the United States and contains information and documents of their speeches, writings, biographies and anything else related to their person or the office they are holding.

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States (link)

From George Washington to George W. Bush

Portraits of Presidents and First Ladies (link)

The selected images include at least one likeness of each of the forty-one presidents and most of the first ladies.

Presidential Profiles (link)

This section of the American Presidency includes articles from four Grolier encyclopedias, suited to different reading levels.

Presidents Directory (link)

Directory of information on the Presidents

The President's Challenge (link)

The President's Challenge takes staying active beyond the school gym, and into everyday life.

Presidents of the United States (link)


The White House Historical Association (link)

The White House Historical Association is a charitable nonprofit institution whose purpose is to enhance the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the White House.

United States Presidential Autographs (link)

Did you ever want to see what the signatures of some of our greatest leaders look like?

Welcome to The American Presidency (link)

Grolier Online's American Presidency presentation explores the history of the presidency.

Welcome to the White House (link)

The official web site of the White House

American Presidents (link)

The American Presidents web site contains a complete video archive of all American Presidents: Life Portraits programming, plus biographical facts, key events of each presidency, presidential places and reference material. Pick a president and explore.

Presidents Coloring Pages (link)

Download, print and color drawings of the presidents. You can download them one at a time or all at once.

Presidents' Day Games (link)

White House Jigsaw, Name That President and Lincoln Slider Washington Slider.

White House for Kids (link)

Educational opportunity for young Americans to learn about the White House and the President through fun and exciting features.

A List of all the Children of the Presidents of the United States (link)

Offers interesting, little known information about the children and First Families of the White House.

First Lady's Gallery (link)

Includes portraits, photos and biographical information about the First Ladies.

USA - Presidents: Biographies & Information (link)

Find biographical information, election results and paintings/photos of each president.

Welcome to The American Presidency (link)

Detailed biographical information. Choose from four different encyclopedia articles online. (Click on Presidents on the left side).

White House Pets:1953 to 2004 (link)

Index of Presidential pets arranged according to presidential terms.

Presidential Portraits: Time Line (link)

Each president and first lady is listed chronologically according to the president's term(s) in office. The list of first ladies comes from the book titled The First Ladies, by Margaret B. Klapthor (Washington, D.C.: White House Historical Association, 1994).


Enchanted Learning: Thanksgiving (link)

Thanksgiving Crafts, Decorations, Worksheets, Activities, and Printouts

Thanksgiving Games (link)

Games and activites for the primary and intermediate levels.

The History Channel: Thanksgiving (link)

The history of Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving (link)

Exlore the Mayflower and discover what life was like on the Pilgrims ship. Also has links to the Pilgrims settlement village which allows students to interact find answers to questions of famous Pilgrims.

Holiday Fun & Other Stuff!

Global Goodwill Holiday Fun Facts (link)

Tour holiday traditions.

Holidays & Festivals Around the World (link)

Select a holiday or country to find out about a holiday.

Holidays Around the World (link)

Holidays, Traditions and Customs in Different Countries from the World Book Encyclopedia.

Spring Holidays (link)

Spring recipes, craft ideas, coloring pages and more. -

Holiday World (link)

Information and entertainment related to various holidays. Provides history, traditions, jokes, recipes, wall papers, poems, gift ideas, e-cards and screensavers on differnt holidays and festivals.

Holiday World (link)

History of Holidays, Traditions, Customs, and Holiday Trivia.

The Holiday Zone (link)

Free holiday and seasonal educational resources for use in early childhood and elementary educational settings.

Groundhogs at HogHaven (link)

See many photos of groundhogs, learn about the habitat and eating habits, sneak a peak into burrows, and listen to the sounds of a ground hog.

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