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Hawaiian Hoary Bat (link)

Animals of Hawaii

Bat Games (link)

Here are 12 fun games for you to play while learning more about bats!

Bats (link)

List of research and informational sites relating to bats.

LHS Bat Quiz (link)

Lawrence Hall of Science.

The Story of Echo the Bat (link)

Welcome to Bat Conservation International (link)

Bat Conservation International (BCI), based in Austin, Texas, is devoted to conservation, education, and research initiatives involving bats and the ecosystems they serve.


Breeds of Chicken (link)

Offers an alphabetical index to different breeds of chickens. Identification characteristics and origins are included.

Chicks - Day by Day (link)

See inside a chicken egg and follow the day to day developement of a chicken.

Virtual Chicken Farm (link)

Visit a chicken hatchery, watch a chicken hatch, follow a virtual hatching project and take a poultry challenge.


Dinosaur Guide (link)

See 3-D images of dinosaurs, observe how they moved, and learn about their characteristics. Use the tab buttons on the top of the window to move around the site.

Billy Bear Dinosaur Page (link)

Dinosaurs - Games, Print Projects, Jigsaw Puzzles, Wallpaper, Screen Saver

Clever Island Dinosaur Movie (link)

Movie about dinosaurs.

My Dinosaur Adventure (link)

Here's your chance to write your own dinosaur story! Fill in the blanks and then click the button to create My Dinosaur Adventure.

The Bristol Dinosaur Project (link)

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol. The labratory photo gallery.

Dinosaurs (link)

Research and informational sites on dinosaurs. Includes both online and offline lesson plans, activities and quizes.


Life Cycle of a Frog (link)

Interactive site with streaming video of life cycle of a frog.

Frog and Toad Photographs and Calls (link)

Offers a twelve frog photo album with audio clips of what each frog sounds like.

Froggy Science (link)

This site offers answers to Frequently Asked Questions about frogs, regional guides with pictures of frogs that live all over the world as well as a look at the anatomy of a frog.

Minnesota Frogs (link)

Fun site that gives pictures and audio clips of frogs found in Minnesota. Includes a frog joke section and answers to kids' questions about frogs.

North Dakota Frogs (link)

Learn about the frogs that live in North Dakota. Includes where they live, what they eat and characteristics.


Ladybug Facts (link)

Shares facts, details of life cycle, photos, crafts and links about ladybugs.


Penguin Classifications (link)

Description and photos of various types of penguins

Penguin Photos (link)

Click next or previous to see photos.

Penguins (link)

Penguine webquest

Penguins Around the World (link)

Penguin slide show.

Penguins on Ice (link)

Punctuation - Make a sentance.

Perfectly Puzzling Penguins (link)

Do you know how many different kinds of penguins there are? If you want to find the answer to this question and learn more about penguins read our reports!

Antarctic Connection - Penguins of Antarctica (link)

The Antarctic Connection™ is an internet based e-tailer and information source for All Things Antarctic!™. This page provides information on the Penguins of Antarctica.

Antarctic Penguins (Adelie and Emperor) (link)

This page provides information on the Adelie and Emperor Penguins of Antarctica.

Enchanted Learning: Emperor Penguin (link)

Printout with information on the Emperor Penguin.

Penguin Homepage (link)

Fun and facts about penguins.

Penguins In Jeopardy (link)

Information, references and activities about Penguins.

Pete & Barb's Penguin Pages (link)

Polar Bears

National Geographic Magazine: Polar Bears (link)

This takes a long time to load, but the images are spectacular. A National Geographic photographer captures a mother emerging from her winter hibernation with her triplet cubs. Excellent!

National Geographic Magazine: Polar Bears (link)

This takes a long time to load, but the images are spectacular. A National Geographic photographer captures a mother emerging from her winter hibernation with her triplet cubs. Excellent!

Polar Bear Capital of the World (link)

Churchill, Canada is known for its polar bear population before the bay freezes. Find out all about this incredible visitation every year. Read polar bear facts, lore, rules of bear safety, and wildlife management applied to polar bears.

Polar Bear: ThinkQuest (link)

Information about Polar Bears.

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Polar Bear (link)

View the polar bears inside the San Diego zoo. Learn about what their fur, blubber and what they eat.

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