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Money Games

Count the Money (link)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. The purpose of this manipulative is to help students develop some familiarity with United States currency, both coins and bills.

ABC Ya Counting Money (link)

Drag the right amount of money into the box.

Money Piggy Bank (link)

Click on the change to add the correct dollar amount to the piggy bank. Find the correct change before the whole screen fills up or the game will end.

Money Slide (link)

Drag the right amount of money up to the slide and watch it roll down into the bag.

Time Games

Smiley Clock (link)

Make the clock smile by clicking on the correct time.

Snap Dragon's Clock (link)

Click on the arrows to select the time the dragon asks you to find.

Time Flash Cards (link)

Play the flashcard game with clocks. Type in correct time and see how many you can get correct.

Time Games (link)

Drag the hands on the clock to show the correct time.

Time Games (link)

Click on the plus or minus to change the hands on the clock.

Time to the half hour (link)

Click on the digital clock that matches each time shown on the clock face.

Time's Ticking (link)

Use the random game to practice telling time.

Vector Kids (link)

Interactive Math: Strengthen basic math and other skills with interactive educational tools. The Timed Flashcards and Variable Solving games have a high score board to gauge progress. Also includes a coin counting game.

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