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November 4, 2013

Reading- We will be reviewing many skills and comprehension strategies in reading next week. The students will be working on inferring when reading a story. This will help the students identify the central message of a story, which is a first grade standard that the students will be assessed on. I will be administering some baseline assessments next week to see how the students are doing with their reading and comprehension skills. Since I will be using our small group time to assess, please understand that the books sent home next week may or may not have been read during our normal reading group time.

Math- We will continue to work on subtraction next week. This is a difficult transition from addition for the students as they are in a habit of adding everything. The students are encouraged to look at the symbols in the equation. As strategies for subtraction are discussed, students are encouraged to focus on the language that helps understand the action of subtraction: take away, went away, give away, remove, separate, less, fewer, and so on. I am so happy to hear of the excitement over XtraMath! I love to see their progress on the website.

Student Flu Shots 11-15-13 (there was a change in date)

The Halloween Celebration was a HUGE success!! We had such a fun day and really appreciate the parent volunteers for our treats. The students even got to work on collecting data and making a graph of skeleton bones during math. We also created a Venn Diagram of a story we read and watched, Room on the Broom.

Tuesday-LMS (Library Media Specialist)
Wednesday- PE, counselor
Thursday-Music and Library
Friday-No School

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