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Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Tumble Book Library - eBooks for eKids! (link)

Access an online audio book library collection of streaming audio books.

Grammar - Parts of Speech (link)

An introduction

New York Times Learning Network (link)

Online newpaper for students

Pearson SuccessNet (link)

Scott Foresman Reading Street online resources for teachers and students.

ReadWriteThink: Eye on Idioms (link)

Online worksheet.

Scholastic News (link)

Online newsource for kids.

The Idiom Connection (link)

English Idioms & Quizzes

'Twas the Night Before Christmas (link)

'Twas the night before Christmas-Crazy Lib


Cool Math (link)

An amusement park of math and more! Math lessons, math games, math practice, math fun!

Cool Math 4 Kids (link)

Cool math 4 kids is a math site specially designed for what kids like and how they learn!

FOSSweb: Insect Module (link)

Welcome to the Insects Module! Insects are flying, crawling, and digging everywhere! Can you find them all?

Fun Brain (link)

Educational resources for kids and adults.

Funschool (link)

Fun and Educational Games and Activities for Kids

Illuminations: Activities (link)

Illuminations has 99 online activities available. Select which types of activities you're looking for, and click Search.

Illuminations: Fraction Game (link)

This applet allows students to individually practice working with relationships among fractions and ways of combining fractions.

Illuminations: Isometric Drawing Tool (link)

Use this interactive tool to create dynamic drawings on isometric dot paper.

Sail on Grade 4 (link)

Subject Area Interactive Lessons: Math

Skill Builders: Grade 4 (link)

Fourth Grade Skill Builders - Interactive Sites (link)

This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.

Education 4 Kids, Inc. (link)

General Math Resources

Illuminations: Isometric Drawing Tool (link)

Use this interactive tool to create dynamic drawings on isometric dot paper.


Astronomy For Kids (link)

Astronomy resource designed to teach children about the exciting world of outer space. (link)

Online version of the magazine.

Enchanted Learning: Mammals (link)

Choose a subclass for more information.

Exploring The Planets (link)

Exploring The Planets highlights the history and achievements of planetary explorations, both Earth-based and by spacecraft.

Kids Konnect: Planets (link)

General information.

Mission: Planet Earth (link)

Online game tied to the 11 part mini series on Discovery Channel.

National Air and Space Musuem: Exploring the Planets (link)

Links to comparing planets, information on each planet and dwarf planets

National Wildlife Federation (link)


NPWRC: Birds and Mammals Observed by Lewis & Clark in North Dakota (link)

Planet Hop (link)

StarChild: Multidisciplinary Solar System Activities

Planet Quest (link)

Simple Machines: Edheads Activities (link)

Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed!

StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers (link)

Official NASA website for kids, providing information on stars

The Nine (Eight) Planets (link)

Solar System Tour

The Planets and Dwarf Planets (link)

Links to information on the planets in our solar system

The United States Mint 50 State Quarters® Program (link)

Celebrate our 50 states with the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters® Program.

Welcome to the Planets (link)

This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.

eNature (American Wildlife Resource) (link) is the web's premier destination for information about the wild animals and plants of the United States.

Animal Diversity Web (link)

Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan.

eNature: America's Wildlife Resource (link)

The site's core content of wildlife information about almost 6,000 individual species is the same data set used to create the printed Audubon Field Guides.

NPWRC: Mammals Observed by Lewis & Clark (link)

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center List of Mammals Observed

NPWRC: Mammals of Southwestern North Dakota (link)

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Mammals of Southwestern North Dakota

NPWRC: Small Mammals of North Dakota (link)

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Small Mammals of North Dakota

Extreme Mammals (link)

Fastest, largest loudest, etc.

Background Information on Simple Machines (link)

Below you will find some commonly asked questions about simple machines.

Dirtmeister: Simple Machines (link)

Hello, science reporters! I challenge you to learn about the six types of simple machines. Then find an example of one you've seen at school, home, or anywhere and write about it.

Simple Machines (link)

Students will investigate and understand simple machines and their uses.

Simple Machines (link)

Simple machines make work easier for us by allowing us to push or pull over increased distances.

Social Studies

50 United State Sites (link)

A to Z Kids Stuff: States (link)

Fun educational activities about the 50 states.

All 50 American States Web Sites (link)

Click on a state.

Connect the States (link)

Click on the pictures that match the cards.

CultureGrams States Edition (link)

United States of America (link)

Learn About the 50 States.

Plimoth Plantation - You are the Historian (link)

Investigating the first Thanksgiving

Puzzled States (link)

Place each state into it's correct location on the United State Map.

Quick Facts: Learn About Your State (link)

Ben's Guide to the 50 States

State Facts (link)

Official Portal for North Dakota State Government

State Quizzes (link)

USA Geography

State Report Information (link)

State Reports (link)

Choose your state from the map and start gathering all the information and images you need to make an A+ state report project for school.

50 States of the U.S.A. (link)

General state information

Presidents of the United States (link)


The White House Historical Association (link)

The White House Historical Association is a charitable nonprofit institution whose purpose is to enhance the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the White House.

U.S. State Department: Country Information (link)

The publications listed include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of independent states, some dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty.

United States Presidential Autographs (link)

Did you ever want to see what the signatures of some of our greatest leaders look like?

Welcome to the White House (link)

The official web site of the White House

Wilton Library Children's Center School Projects: 50 States (link)

North Dakota State Government (link)

The official Web Site for the state of North Dakota.

White House for Kids (link)

Educational opportunity for young Americans to learn about the White House and the President through fun and exciting features.

White House Pets:1953 to 2004 (link)

Index of Presidential pets arranged according to presidential terms. (link)

Learn the States and Capitals

Color Landform Atlas of the United States (link)

View 3-D maps and satellite images of each of the states.

Enchanted Learning: State Flags, Pictures and Quiz (link)

View or print each state's flag or take a flag quiz.

Enchanted Learning: US States - Facts, Map and State Symbols (link)

Learn about states, or print out maps and information about each state.

Puzzled States (link)

Place each state into it's correct location on the United State Map.

Quick Facts: Learn About Your State (link)

Ben's Guide to the 50 States

State Quizes (link)

USA Geography

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