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Mrs. Friedt's Music Class

Upcoming Rita Murphy Performances

* All performances begin at 6:45 in the Rita Murphy Gym unless otherwise noted.

Why Study Music?

+ Music develops skills needed by the 21st. century workforce: critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, team work and more.

+ Music keeps students engaged in school.

+ Music improves the atmosphere for learning.

+ Music helps students achieve in other academic subjects like math, science, social studies and reading.

+ Music helps children develop a sense of discipline.

+ The arts provide new challenges for students already considered successful and gives a sense of accomplishment to those who struggle.

+ Music is more than entertainment. Music is art. Music is skill. Music is practice. Music is life.

Goals in Music Education

*Students will gain vocal experience through singing and games.

*Students will gain rhythmic understanding through a variety of
classroom instruments and group experiences.

*Students will explore music through creative activities. They will listen to a variety of types of music from the classical period to the music of other cultures.

*Students will use their bodies to interpret music in the classroom
and for performance.

*Students will learn to read musical notation in the treble clef and various simple rhythm patterns.

*Students will improvise simple rhythmic and melodic patterns.

*Students will create short songs using traditional and nontraditional sources.

*Students will identify musical elements using music terminology.

What do we do in Music Class?

Most people think that singing is all children do in music class.


+ Read rhythms and musical notation
+ Play pitched and rhythm instruments.
+ Move and Dance to Music
+ Listen to many styles of music. (Classical, jazz, pop, rock)
+ Evaluate the music we listen to
+ Play recorder, in 4th, 5th and 6th grade
+ Learn childrens songs from other cultures around the world

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