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Gifted/Talented Education

General Information

Gifted/Talented Levels of Service Specialist:

Mrs. Lydia Betz

M,W,F - All day
T- Morning only
Th - Afternoon only

Contact Information:


Gifted/Talented Levels of Service Mission Statement

The mission of Bismarck Public School District's Gifted/Talented Levels of Service program is to recognize, challenge, and support gifted students.

Recognize - We acknowledge and embrace giftedness and realize the diverse ways giftedness is exhibited.

Challenge - We seek to expand and enhance learning opportunities for students who demonstrate high ability in academic areas. We help gifted students develop the skills for lifelong learning.

Support - We make deliberate efforts to identify gifted students. We provide then with challenging learning opportunities and advocate for challenging curriculum. We offer resources to families so they might better understand their gifted children.


Primary Focus: To provide Levels III and IV programming for identified students who show specific strengths, talents, interests and needs.

Secondary Focus: To encourage enrichment opportunities for students. To collaborate with school staff to provide acceleration, enhancement, and/or extension services. To facilitate training opportunities for teachers.

Identification Process

Identification Process

Referral - may come from the classroom teacher, parent, G/T LoS specialist, and/or student

Surveys - student strength inventories completed by parents and/or classroom teachers

Testing - may include standardized reading tests, NWEA MAP (Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress), North Dakota State Assessment, SAGES-2 (Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students, Second Edition)

Observations - may be formal and/or informal, completed by classroom teacher and/or G/T Levels of Service specialist

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