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Parent Information

Reading Information

Common Reading Behaviors (pdf document)
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Comprehension (pdf document)
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Helping Children Learn About Reading (pdf document)
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Promoting Reading at Home (pdf document)
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Tips for parents... (pdf document)
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What should my child know? (pdf document)
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How to Play Payday!

Students may be coming home soon with a game we have played in class that helps us practice our sight words. It is called Payday! and is a favorite. Here are the directions:
1. The older person is the teacher. The teacher gets to decide how long to play-- 5 minutes, 10 minutes; whatever works. The student is trying to gain as much money as he/she can.
2. The student earns "money" by reading the sight words on the cards correctly when dealt to him/her 1 at a time.
3. When the student is dealt a card that says "PAYDAY", they get paid by reading two cards, instead of the just 1.
4. When the teacher says time is up, the student collects their "money" and counts them by 5's.
5. The teacher gives a high five for good practice.

How Our Class Works

This is the updated handbook for our class this year.

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