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For Teachers

Did you know that you can find kid-appealing music videos on school tube that help illustrate phonics concepts? Check out Clips from the PBS show the Electric company to work on Bossy r, soft c, transformer h and more.

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Teacher Resources

This is a page of resources, documents and ideas for other teachers. I feel so lucky to have found so many wonderful ideas and materials through the years, I think it is time to share!


Here are some of my most frequently visited sites for ideas etc.

Those zipper bags...

One of the things that frustrated me for years was that I wanted to have kids be working with small materials, but at the first grade age, so many students struggle with fine motor skills enough that they cannot get a sandwich bag closed. (Visualize pieces exploding across my classroom floor and 19 helpful 6 year olds running to help)
I also happen to be a quilter, and one day as I was looking at some scraps, I thought, "Hey! I could make bags out of these."
Here are some easy directions for sewing fabric bags. I get my zippers online through They are fast and helpful; not to mention cheap! The zippers they sell are exactly what you could get at major retail/craft centers, but for 1/5 the price.

Zipper Bag Directions (doc document)
File Size: 26.5 kb

Calendar Binders

Calendar Binder (pdf document)
File Size: 183.29 kb

I am posting the sheets I have made up to use in calendar binders for my first grade class. Thanks so much to Jessica Meacham, Mary Myer, Cathy Larshus, and the Kindergarten team for helping me refine my thinking and organization for the binder concept. Please go to Mrs. Meacham's classroom website to see her versions as well.
See her stuff at:

Calendar Binder (pdf document)
File Size: 30.51 kb

This is page two of the calendar binder setup I use in first grade. The Triangle and the lines are for generating fact families, and the right side is open to add a clock without hands to write the time, or a thermometer to write the temperature. You could also insert something to measure for your students.

Calendar Math 3 (pdf document)
File Size: 5338.83 kb

Money page

Play Dough Riffs

Play Dough (link)

This link is to my favorite play dough recipe. I find that it does not feel salty or crumbly, and I have good luck with it lasting. Add food coloring to the boiling water to evenly distribute the color. Add extracts after you take the dough off the heat, so it keeps it smell. A couple of extra ideas:
--add orange food coloring and pumpkin pie spice for pumpkin pie dough. Fun around Halloween and Thanksgiving.
--Add red food coloring and peppermint extract to make peppermint stick dough.
-- Try root beer extract too, the possibilities are endless.

Bug Games

Bug Game (doc document)
File Size: 35.5 kb

Bug Game 2 (doc document)
File Size: 21.5 kb

Live Bugs/ Dead Bugs (doc document)
File Size: 65.5 kb

This is a game I adapted from a kindergarten idea from page. (Love her site-- check it out!) Students take turns shaking a given number of plastic bugs (10 or 12) and then count out how many alive bugs (right side up) and the dead bugs (upside down). I have the kids write down the number of dead bugs and alive bugs in the columns on this sheet. You are going to want to do some pre-teaching about the dead bugs here--there's no crying in math games!

Easy Math Games

These are some pencil paper handouts that I have made up to give students more opportunities to practice addition and subtraction facts. These are based on the ideas of a game created by Shari Sloane. Check out her website at!

Math Fact Card Game (pdf document)
File Size: 158.09 kb

Here are the directions for the card game many of us talked about at conferences. If you want to try to make this harder for your child, you can leave the face cards in and assign them all a point value. In class, we have had all the face cards equal 10.

Count and Color Robots (pdf document)
File Size: 44.84 kb

Count and Color Flower (pdf document)
File Size: 520.03 kb

Count and Color Fish (pdf document)
File Size: 57.57 kb

Count and Color Fireworks (doc document)
File Size: 32 kb

Dice Games for Little Ones

Dice Games for Little Ones (pdf document)
File Size: 62.85 kb

This is my dice games handout. It is a compilation of various games I have found from different sources. Be sure to check out the reference list at the end for more great places to get ideas.

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