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PTO Sponsored Programs

Rocket Boost

Each year, the PTO will look at project needs and fundraising projections. Based on these determinations and in accordance with Article II of the Liberty Parent Teacher Organization By-Laws [to provide support for students' educational and recreational needs], the PTO will consider giving each teacher a Rocket Boost. If funds are available, each full-time teacher will receive up to $200 per year, part-time teachers or those joining after the beginning of the school year will be prorated with a minimum payment of $25. The funds will be divided into a fall and spring Rocket Boost. The Rocket Boost will come in the form of a check written from the PTO account directly to each teaching staff member. The principal will provide the PTO with a staff list, including full-time and part-time detail in order to accurately disburse the Rocket Boost. This money shall be used for classroom expenses that enrich the learning environment of the students at Liberty Elementary School. Examples of purchases are: classroom supplies, field trips, decorations, magazine subscriptions, art supplies, etc.

Launch a Wish

In support of truly wonderful teachers and staff members, our PTO will make a tradition of filling wishes. We ask that your wish be used to help enrich or provide something special for a grade level, department or Liberty Elementary School. Determinations will be made in accordance with Article II of the Liberty Parent Teacher Organization By-Laws [to provide support for students' educational and recreational needs]. Let imagination fill your classrooms and our school!

PTO will budget a minimum amount of $3,000 annually based on available funds. Wishes will be granted for up to $1,500 per wish. Wish requests may be submitted for any dollar amount up to $1,500. Depending on the wishes submitted and funds needed, more than one wish may be granted per submission period. Receipts are required for every wish fulfilled.

Launch a Wish Process...
  1. Teacher group submits application including the following information:
    • Wish project explanation
    • Items requested
    • Costs expected
    • Timeline of project
    • Description of learning targets met with project
  2. Principal will review and present eligible applications to executive board.
  3. Executive PTO Board will review applications. Priority will be based on the following:
    • Wish must benefit or enhance student learning through educational, social, comfort, organization or other means.
    • Number of students impacted by Wish.
    • Funds available for current Wish application cycle.
    • Staff members must have explored other options of funding including matching grant funds.

Any items purchased become property of Liberty Elementary School and the department for which the wish was granted.

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