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Schwans Cares logo
With the purchase of the new playground equipment, Liberty PTO is at the bottom of the budget and would like to start off the 2016-17 school year with some funds to support the Fall Open House festivities.

Our current campaign is here:

View the flyer (PDF) for details of how to help us reach our goal.

BoxTops for Education

Box Tops for Education

The 2015-2016 quarterly deadlines for the classroom Box Tops competition are: October 2nd :: February :: May .
Ways to earn for our school:
  1. Clip the Box Top from hundreds of participating products and send them to school with your child. Each one is worth 10˘ when our school redeems them from Box Tops for Education.
  2. Sign up -- It's easy and free. To become a member of the Box Tops for Education and track Liberty's school earnings, log onto and sign up today. You will also have the opportunity to print coupons for participating Box Top products.

Learn more about the program

Shoparoo smart phone app icon


Any individual with a SmartPhone (Android or iPhone) may designate their points to our school by searching for our school in the app by name and city, Liberty Elementary Bismarck.

Shoparoo is a school fundraising app based on grocery receipts. The fundraising dollars generated are based on the grocery receipts submitted through the app on their smart phone. Shoparoo awards Roo points based on the total purchase amount.

Shoparoo accepts receipts from ANY grocer, super center, club store, dollar store, drugstore, convenience mart or pet supply store count - regardless of what products you buy!

Receipts for restaurants, apparel, home improvement or gas-only do NOT earn Roo Points.

View a presentation about how to raise money for our school using Shoparoo

Download the app on your phone today to learn how to earn Roo points for Liberty Elementary!

Rocket Fuel envelopes

fu·el: Something that maintains or stimulates an activity or emotion

"Donations are the fuel of a volunteer organization"

The fuel you provide will propel an effort chosen by the Liberty PTO. Fuel received in 2014-15 directly and fully impacted the Leveled Book Room at Liberty.

Rocket Raffle

2016-17 Winners:

  • November 1 - $100 x 2
    Colleen Nosbusch (ticket sold by Ashlyn)
    Jim McEvers (ticket sold by Hannah)
  • November 2 - $50
    Brandon Charvat (ticket sold by Brina)
  • November 3 - $50
    Mary Vearrier (ticket sold by Lily)
  • November 4 - $50
    Ted Seibel (ticket sold by Brynn)
  • November 7 - $50
    Michelle Linster (ticket sold by Devan)
  • November 8 - $50
    Al Staloch (ticket sold by Brady)
  • November 9 - $50 x 2
    Kristen Warner (ticket sold by Kaitlyn)
    Gabe Lautenschlager (ticket sold by Laci)
  • November 10 - $250
    Kevin Pfannsmith (ticket sold by Derek)
  • November 14 - $50 x 2
    Connie Fleckenstein (ticket sold by Kenyon)
    Kay Kamins (ticket sold by Taylor)
  • November 15 - $50 x 2
    Maggie Volk (ticket sold by Marit)
    Nancy Greenwell (ticket sold by Joe)
  • November 16 - $50 x 2
    Jodi Johnson (ticket sold by Harper)
    Dave DuToit (ticket sold by Madison)
  • November 17 - $50 x 2
    Sharon Schwagler (ticket sold by Catelyn)
    Jane Morgan (ticket sold by Aspen)
  • November 18 - $50 x 2
    Sherri Forsch (ticket sold by Logan)
    Mary Splonskowski (ticket sold by Kate)
  • November 21 - $50 x 2
    Monte Sicble (ticket sold by Isabella)
    Bill & Nancy Swanson (ticket sold by Beckham)
  • November 22 - $50 x 2
    Renae Brossart (ticket sold by Dustin)
    Dusty Backsen (ticket sold by Crue)
  • November 23 - $250 x 2
    LuAnn Baker (ticket sold by Elin)
    Audrey English (ticket sold by Aidan)
  • November 28 - $50 x 2
    Lisa Fridley (ticket sold by Eden)
    Jeff Zainhofsky (ticket sold by Miranda)
  • November 29 - $50 x 2
    Laura Satrom (ticket sold by Cullen)
    Deb Sparrow (ticket sold by Eli
  • November 30 - $50 x 2
    Heidi Allbee (ticket sold by Camden)
    Rod Bahn (ticket sold by Morgan)
  • December 1 - $50 x 2
    Joel Peterson (ticket sold by David)
    Heidi Schumacher (ticket sold by Gavin)
  • December 2 - $50 x 2
    Karen Dendy (ticket sold by Ana)
    Gabe Lautenschlager (ticket sold by Laci)
  • December 5 - $50 x 2
    Derek VanLuik (ticket sold by London)
    Cloris Schmidt (ticket sold by Gabrielle)
  • December 6 - $50 x 2
    Brian and Lisa Carpenter (ticket sold by Cayden)
    Lisa Livesay (ticket sold by Emily)
  • December 7 - $50 x 2
    Barb Zottnick (ticket sold by Kayden)
    Dennae Swenson (ticket sold by Peyton)
  • December 8 - $50 x 2
    Jordan Speidel (ticket sold by Kaitlyn)
    Connie Lettenmaier (ticket sold by General)
  • December 9 - $50 x 2
    Kari Morrison Wolff (ticket sold by Layken)
    Lona Munger (ticket sold by Gunnar)
  • December 12 - $50 x 2
    Barb Haas (ticket sold by Triston)
    Amy Zuraff (ticket sold by Abby)
  • December 13 - $50 x 2
    Troy Bradley (ticket sold by Issac)
    Rhonda Speckmann (ticket sold by Lillian)
  • December 14 - $50 x 2
    Kassie Bender (ticket sold by Eli)
    Amber Caster (ticket sold by Lauryn)
  • December 15 - $100 x 2
    Karen Porsborg (ticket sold by Ryan)
    Steven McNichols (ticket sold by Lucas)
  • December 16 - $500 x 2
    John Degenstein (ticket sold by Fynn)
    Jason Althoff (ticket sold by Aubrey)

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