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Student Organizations

Legacy Student Organizations

High School is about creating memories! Create unforgettable memories by joining one of our student organizations. Contact the activities advisor today!

Art Club - Lori Riehl
Eligibility Requirements: None
Description of Club: LHS art club is an organization created to foster imagination, creativity and social interaction through art opportunities, while building leadership, school and community relations. Meetings will contain either art activities for our members or an art centered community service project. Activities are planned by the advisor and also in collaboration with members.
Art Club manages a weekly school-wide Popcorn Day. Members will be expected to sign up and work on popcorn days.
Time Commitment: Meet 2 times a month from 3:30-4:30pm in art room.
Procedures for Joining: There will be a fall membership drive starting the 2nd week of school. Art club has a fee to defray the cost of materials for our projects. The fee is $20 for the school year.
Activity Time Period: All year.
Once a member registers, they are expected to come to all sessions; however, if a member is in another extracurricular, they can take a break to participate in that other activity for the respective season. If the other activity is all year long, it may not work for you to also be in art club if the practice times or meeting dates conflict with the set art club schedule. Any absence of break needs to be communicated with Ms. Riehl.
Membership Limit:25
Advisor: Ms. Riehl…… Room E101

National Art Honor Society - Lori Riehl
Eligibility Requirements: Student must have completed Art Foundations and or enrolled in at least one art course in the last year and gotten an average of 90% in that course. In addition, a student must achieve a cumulative average of 3.2 GPA in all classes.
Description of Club: NAHS program is designed to inspire and recognize students who have shown outstanding abilities in art. NAHS strives to support member in their goal of attaining the highest standards in art areas,and to bring visual arts education to the attention of the school and community. Membership will include leadership opportunities, career/college preparation, opportunities for publication in NAHS News and Artsonia Gallery. Scholarship and award opportunities are also available.
Time Commitment: Attendance is required at quarterly meeting (4) to maintain membership and privileges. All members must participate in 4 chapter projects, activities or fundraisers. To remain a member in good standing, a member must pay dues and complete 10 service hours in the visual arts each year. (The chapter will help you find art service projects.)
Procedures for Joining: Eligible art students will be notified by the Art Department in the spring of each school year. To join, they will follow the criteria listed in the letter.
Activity Time Period: Eligibility is renewed each school year.
Membership Limit: None
Advisor: Ms. Riehl…… Room E101

Drama Club - Mandy Wardner
Eligibility Requirements: Any LHS student grade 9-12 is welcome - no theatre experience is necessary. Students need to maintain academic eligibility to participate in public club activities (meetings and fun nights excluded).
Description of Club: The LHS Drama Club is dedicated to bringing the joy and power of theatre to students by providing high quality dramatic programming at the beginner and intermediate levels. Students will be exposed to different aspects of theater including impromptu skits, confidence and the ability to work with others. The club will work on creative thinking skills, encourage teamwork, and provide students with enriched learning experiences in the area of performing arts.
Time Commitment: One to two hours twice a month for regular meetings. Additional time is required for participation in skits, fun nights, fundraising, and civic activities.
Procedure for Joining: Attend "new member" meetings and participate in at least one meeting per month along with participation in the various club activities.
Activity Time Period: Year-long.
Membership Limit: None. Advisor/s & Location: Mandy Wardner, theatre instructor/director
Phone: (701) 323-4850 ext. 6278
Office: Room F011

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Anne Volk
Eligibility Requirements: None
Description of Club:Engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport. Meet weekly to enjoy food and student led devotions.
Time Commitment: Tuesday Mornings 7:30-8am. Come as often as you can.
Procedures for Joining: None, everyone is welcome; you don't need to be involved in a sport.
Activity Time Period: Entire school year.
Membership Limit: None
Advisor: Mrs. Anne Volk and Coach Tom Marcis

French Club - Val Kling

German Club - Pam Froelich

HOSA - Joelean Lowman
Eligibility Requirements: High school student interested in pursuing a career in a healthcare related field.
Description of Club: This club is to increase exposure and knowledge about health careers, develop leadership skills, and network with other students interested in health careers within your school, city, and state.
Time Commitment: There will be monthly meetings, as well as a Fall Leadership Conference (optional-1 day), state comp. (optional- 2 day), and students who qualify at state have the option of participating in the International Leadership in June (6-day). Additional commitments depend on the activities the group chooses to take on.
Procedures for Joining: Show up to the first meeting. There are state and national dues that will be discussed at the meeting.
Activity Time Period: September through May
Membership Limit: None
Advisor: Joelean Lowman…...A014

Key Club - Gina Solemsaas

Latin Club - Kayla Ekart

National Honor Society - Brittany Christenson and Andrea Aus

Newspaper & Yearbook - Susan Skalicky

Rodeo Club - Ryan Riehl

SaberCyber Tech Club - Aaron Preabt and Maggie Townsend and Chad Worrel

SADD - Kristine Montgomery

Science Olympiad - Ryan Bleth

Spanish Club -

Speech - Emily Jacobsen

Student Council - Kimberly Hertz and Maggie Townsend

Young Writers - Anne Volk

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