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Student Athlete Responsibilities

NDHSAA Minimum Behavior Expectations

Good Behavior and appropriate conduct is expected from all students, parents, and fans. Please review the guidelines on the links below before attending events at Legacy High School and let your good sportsmanship show!

NDHSAA Minimum Behavior Expectations (pdf document)
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NDHSAA Code of Conduct (pdf document)
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The activity programs at Simle Middle School and Legacy High School provide you with the opportunity to have fun with your classmates, improve your skills in an activity, and develop a passion for the activity in which you are participating. It is a privilege to be involved in the activity programs at Simle and Legacy. Along with the privilege to participate are a few responsibilities. As a representative of our school, participants have a responsibility to the school, their coach or advisor, team members, and the community. Participants should at all times:
Show appropriate behavior in classrooms, the cafeteria, hallways, etc. Detention time can result in your dismissal from an activity
Maintain a high level of good sportsmanship.
Participate within the rules and laws of the game/performance.
Display self-control and never use foul or abusive language at any time-before, during, or after a game/performance or practice.
Respect and obey the decisions of game/contest officials. Harassment or abuse of game officials will not be tolerated.
Show respect for opponents.
Participate to the best of your ability in all games/performances and practices.
Have a positive attitude and try to encourage others to do the same.
Be on time for games/performances and practices. Be prepared to participate when you arrive.
Arrange in advance for transportation when practices or games/performances are finished. All participants will be directed to leave the building immediately upon completion of an activity.


Not only is it important for participants to be on time for games/performances and practices, it is imperative that they do not miss a game/performance or practice. As a member of a team or group, your fellow participants and coach/advisor are counting on your presence so that you are able to perform to the best of your ability and help your team or group do the same. A schedule of all game and practice times can be viewed by visiting The Simle and Legacy athletics pages and clicking on the individual activity you are looking for. Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments with doctors, dentists, hairstylists, etc. at times that will not interfere with games/performances or practices.

It is understandable that from time to time, a participant may need to miss a game/performance or practice for reasons that are out of their control. Examples of this may be illness, an appointment scheduled far in advance, a family vacation or outing that has been planned, church activities, or a sudden tragic event. These situations are excused absences and will be treated as such by your coach/advisor. If you must miss a game/performance or practice, your parent must contact the coach/advisor by phone or e-mail to inform them of your absence. If no contact is made, the absence will be considered unexcused. Our policy on unexcused absences is as follows, unless stated otherwise by the head caoch of each specific activity:
The first unexcused absence will result in a warning from the coach/advisor.
The second unexcused absence will result in a game/performance suspension from the coach/advisor.
The third unexcused absence will result in dismissal from the team/group.

This policy is applicable to any student involved in activities that has gone through any necessary tryouts needed to be part of the group/team and has been selected to be a member of the group/team.

IMPORTANT-games/performances and practices missed due to detention will count as unexcused absences! Any student suspended from school for any reason will be suspended from their next game/performance. More than one suspension results in dismissal from the activity.

Students are also asked to review the Legacy High School Activities page so as to be informed of the requirements and expectations Legacy has for their extra-curricular activities programs

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