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Parent Information

NDHSAA Minimum Behavior Expectations

Good Behavior and appropriate conduct is expected from all students, parents, and fans. Please review the guidelines on the links below before attending events at Legacy High School and let your good sportsmanship show!

NDHSAA Minimum Behavior Expectations (pdf document)
File Size: 105.28 kb

NDHSAA Code of Conduct (pdf document)
File Size: 49.02 kb

Parent Sports Brochure (pdf document)
File Size: 89.51 kb

This brochure contains information for parents on appropriate topics to discuss with coaches, how to address concerns about their child, and parent/spectator guidelines when watching activities


Parents and Spectators at games/performances are expected to set a good example for their children by exemplifying the highest standards of sportsmanship. Their role is to watch, cheer, and boost the efforts of ALL participants in a particular event. Activities should be fun and the game must be for the kids. Their involvement and fulfillment in the activity is the single most important thing to consider.

Parents and Spectators have responsibilities to the coach, team, school, and community they are a part of. Parents and Spectators should have respect for coaches, other members of the team, opponents, and the decisions of game officials. All parents and spectators should take it upon themselves to learn as much as possible about the rules of the game that their son or daughter is participating in. Parents and Spectators should NEVER:
Criticize, abuse, harass, or berate a coach/advisor, team member, opponent, or game official. Each will perform to the best of their abilities given the chance. Sarcastic or negative remarks will not help them to be their best.
Confront a coach/advisor immediately after a game/performance. It is best to wait at least 24 hrs. to give all parties involved time to relax and reflect.
Use foul or abusive language toward anyone for any reason.
Cheer in a negative or sarcastic manner.
Coach from the sideline. A coach/advisor may need the attention of your son or daughter during a game or performance and likely will not get it if you are trying to help from your seat. Let the coach/advisor do their job no matter how much you disagree. If there is a problem, talk to the coach at a later time.
Enter the field/court of play unless requested by a coach/advisor.

Parents are also asked to review the Student Athlete Responsibilities page and the Legacy High School Activities Program page so as to be informed of the requirements and expectations Legacy has for their extra-curricular activities programs

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