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Girls Tennis

Updated 10/11/2016:

*Congratulations to the Saber Tennis Team for placing 2nd as a team at the State Tourney. It is currently the highest place finish of any Legacy sport in school history- Tremendous job!!

*Congratulations to Brian Swanberg & Michael Janes for placing 2nd in doubles along with Casey Beck for placing 3rd in singles at the state tourney. Their place finishes are currently the best of any athletes in Legacy sport's history along with the highest place finishes in Legacy Tennis history. They also received All State recognition for their accomplishments.

*Brian Swanberg was nominated as the Senior Tennis Athlete of The Year in ND. This is a special recognition voted by the tennis coaches throughout ND. This award is not only a recognition of any tennis accomplishments, but more importantly, a recognition of school accolades and the positive traits of personal character. Brian was exemplary in all areas and a more than worthy recipient of the award- well done!!!

*Congratulations to the Saber Tennis Team for winning the West Region Team Championship for the 2nd Consecutive Year and the West Region Conference Championship for the 3rd Consecutive Year!- a job well done.

*Congratulations to the Saber Tennis Players who qualified for the State Individual Tennis Tourney. All players received All Conference recognition. Results are given below:

Casey Beck (Singles)- 2nd Place for the 3rd Consecutive Year.
Bradley Moylan / Joe Wegner (Doubles)- 3rd Place, 1st time as state qualifiers
Brian Swanberg / Michael Janes (Doubles)- Champions for the 3rd Consecutive Year

Congratulations to the JV Team for placing 2nd in the WDA JV Tourney today. A tremendous conclusion to your season. Individual place finishes are listed below:

#1 Singles: Robert Modin- 4th Place
#2 Singles: Carson Fettig- Champion
#3 Singles: Sean Joyce- Champion
#4 Singles: Jay Moylin- Champion

#1 Doubles: Paxton Miller / Corby Svihovec- 3rd Place
#2 Doubles: Garret Fettig / Logan Kjos- 3rd Place
#3 Doubles: Blake Koble / Josh Micua- 2nd Place

*The $50 activity fee can be paid by using my payments plus which is located on the Activities website or by paying directly to the Legacy High School secretary.

*Please sign into the remind application when you get a chance. Remember to use the code 763764 instead of legacyten to log into Legacy Boys Tennis

*Hotel Reservations for the season are as follows:

Daily Practice Schedule

Monday-Friday @ North Central Tennis Courts
Varsity/JV Practice: 4:15-6:00PM
Due to inclement weather check the tennis announcements for practice changes

General Information

I would like to welcome everyone to Legacy Boys & Girl's Tennis in 2016-17. I am excited about coaching both program's 3rd season of tennis. I look forward to fun and successful seasons in the future. From my past coaching experiences, I will continue to work hard and take pride in my commitment to excellence during the development of quality boys & girl's tennis programs.

Things to know about the program. All boys & girls in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate. The top 12 players consist of varsity/junior varsity. Any players beyond the top 12 consist of the JV #2 Squad. A no cut policy exists in the program. All players will get matches, however, there is no guarantee on the number of matches each player will get. No seniors are allowed to play in junior varsity matches unless there are not enough players to fill a junior varsity team. They are also ineligible to play in the JV Tourney unless the junior varsity cannot complete a full team for the tourney. They will be allowed to play in JV #2 matches. Seniors will be allowed opportunities to challenge throughout the season with the goal of reaching the top 6 on the team. At the conclusion of the conference dual season, if a senior is in the top 10 of the roster, he will be a member of the tournament roster. Any senior who has been a member of the tennis program for a minimum of 2 years will be guaranteed the opportunity to earn a letter. Playing a varsity tennis match and completing the season is the criteria for earning a letter.

I am fortunate to have 2 quality people who have a wealth of tennis knowledge and experience assisting me in the programs. They are Assistant Coaches Todd Metzger & Jim McMahon

Finally, I would like thank all the parents for giving me the opportunity to coach your son or daughter. It is truly an honor and privilege for me to coach quality people. If you have any questions during the season, you can reach me at 391-4874 or

Sincerely, Scott McPherson, Boys & Girls Tennis Coach
Legacy High School


If the weather becomes inclement, practices will be moved indoors at Capital Racket & Fitness Center, 3200 N 10th Street, one block directly north of Century High School. Players should check the announcements on the tennis website for changes in practice times. If practice is moved indoors, each player is responsible to pay $1 for court costs.

Player Handbook

The purpose of the handbook is to provide a complete overview of the Legacy Tennis Programs. Every player should be familiar with its contents.

Participation in the tennis program is a privilege. Dedication, self-discipline, cooperation, and a solid work ethic is the foundation of a successful team. Each player is expected to demonstrate a positive/exemplary attitude at all times both on and off the court. Working hard in school, at practice, and placing team goals ahead of personal goals are priorities.

You are a representative of the Bismarck community. Be respectful and courteous of all people at all times and represent your school with the utmost pride and dignity. Being poised and staying in control of your behavior is a must in tennis. Practice it on and off the court.

No Cutting Policy
The Legacy tennis programs are no cut programs. A senior who doesn't make the top six can practice with the team and challenge every other week to improve his/her position. At the end of the conference dual season, if a senior is in the top 10 of the tournament roster, he/she will be a part of the post season tournament roster. It doesn't guarantee his/her right to play, however, he/she could play as governed by the coach. Making the tournament roster also allows any senior to be recognized as a varsity letter winner. A senior will not Play JV tennis. A senior can only play JV tennis if the roster is not complete. Matches will be designated for all players who do not make the top 12 of the Varsity/JV roster through a JV #2 schedule. Seniors are entitled to play JV #2 matches. The JV #2 team consists of all players 13 and up on the roster.

All players are expected to be punctual for all practices. Unexcused practices will not be tolerated. Practices will be held at The North Central Tennis courts (until Legacy's courts are built) from 4:15-6:00pm & 6:00-7:30PM each day unless otherwise noted. All home matches will be held at either the Tom O'Leary or Sertoma tennis courts. Please communicate with me if any situation arises that will keep you from attending practice. You can either call me via cell phone (391-4874) or email me at, or you can contact my boy's assistant coach, Jim McMahon, via cell phone (214-1505) or email at or my girl's assistant coaches, Todd Metzger @ 426-8562 or and Heath Knuth @ 729-2192 or Much of the team's success this season depends on each player's willingness to work hard in practice, therefore, 100% attendance is necessary.

Challenge Matches
Challenge matches are used to determine each player's position on the team's roster at the beginning of the season. #1-6 are considered Varsity, #7-12 are Junior Varsity, and #13 and up are considered JV #2. All players on the team will get matches. #1-10 are on the team roster for the post season WDA and State Tournaments. During the season, any players on the Junior Varsity or JV #2 will have opportunities to challenge or be challenged weekly for his/her position on the roster. The coach will determine the challenge matches each week. No two players can play each other twice in one week. It's my philosophy as a coach that the more challenge opportunities a player has on the JV / JV #2 Squad to improve his/her position on the team, a more competitive player will be the result. After the team roster has been established, the head coach will determine when a Varsity challenge match should occur. At mid season, Varsity challenge matches will occur only if the player lower on the ladder has a better singles record than the player above him/her as a result of regular season matches.

Doubles Combinations
Doubles combinations will be decided by the coach for season matches and can change throughout the season. Skill level, age, and compatibility are significant factors in determining doubles teams.

West Region Individual Tournament
The individual tourney will be dictated by the preferences of the players from the top of the team ladder and down. The top 7 players on the team are eligible to play in the West Region Individual tourney. The top 8 singles players and doubles teams advance to the State Individual Tournament. If you are a senior in the top 7, you will have 1st choice of what event you would like to participate. After seniors have chosen, the remaining events will be chosen according to roster position. There are a possibility of 3 singles positions and 2 doubles teams that can play in the tournament. I, as a coach, will often give my input to the players as to what events may be their best opportunity to qualify for the state tournament, however, the decision ultimately lies with each player.

West Region Team Tournament
The ultimate goal for the team at this tournament is to qualify for the state tournament. The team lineup will be determined by our opponent. Therefore, our team lineup can change with each match that we play. Any players on the roster from #1-9 can be used in the lineup even though #7-9 played primarily Junior Varsity through the regular season. The coaches are continually making decisions for the best interest of the team. We will determine whether a player competes in singles or doubles. As long as players are willing to accept the roles that are determined by the coaches, team success is usually the result. Lineups are also discussed with the team prior to each match to ensure each player is comfortable with their role.

A player must compete in a varsity match and be in the program for minimally two years in order to become a letterwinner. If a player makes the post season tournament roster which includes the players from 1-9, he/she is eligible to be a letterwinner. If a 7th or 8th grader plays in a varsity match or makes the post season tournament roster, he/she will get a letter of recognition.

Team Goals
1. Qualify for the North Dakota High School Team Scholar Award.
( The team must average a 3.2 GPA for its varsity letterwinners during the season. )

2. Finish in the top four of the West Region Conference.

3. Finish in the top four of the West Region Tournament.

4. Finish in the top five at the State Tournament.

rschool tennis schedule

rschool schedule (link)

LHS Boy's Tennis Roster- 2016
Varsity Junior Varsity JV #2 Squad
1. Brian Swanberg- 12 7. Robert Modin- 11 13. Jay Moylin- 7
2. Casey Beck- 12 8. Carson Fettig- 10 14. Colten Marquardt- 12
3. Michael Janes- 10 9. Sean Joyce- 9 15. Blake Koble- 10
4. Bradley Moylan- 11 10. Paxton Miller- 10 16. Logan Kjos- 10
5. Joe Wegner- 11 11. Corby Svihovec- 8 17. Josh Micua- 10
6. Justice McMahon- 11 12. Garret Fettig- 10 18. Travis Metzger- 7
    19. Zachary Wieand- 9

2015 Match & Tournament Results
  Date Opponent Result
8/19 Minot (3-2 Match) Win (3-2)
8/19 Williston (3-2 Match) Win (4-1)
8/19 Jamestown (3-2 Match) Win (3-2)
8/20 Minot Round Robin Tourney 1st Place
8/23 Williston Win (7-2)
8/26 West Fargo Win (8-1)
8/27 Fargo South Win (4-1)
8/27 Fargo Shanley Win (4-1)
9/1 Century Win (9-0)
9/8 Minot Win (8-1)
9/9 Sheyenne (3-2 Match) Win (3-2)
9/9 Fargo North (3-2 Match) Win (3-2)
9/9 Wahpeton (3-2 Match) Win (3-2)
9/10 East/West Tourney 4th Place
9/13 Jamestown Win (9-0)
9/17 Fargo Davies (3-2 Match) Win (4-1)
9/17 Valley City (3-2 Match) Win (4-1)
9/20 Mandan Win (9-0)
9/22 Bismarck Win (9-0)
9/15 Minot (4-3 Match) Cancelled
9/26 WDA JV Tourney 2nd Place
9/30-10/1 WDA Tourney (Minot) Champions ( 2nd Consecutive Year )
10/6-10/8 State Tourney (Grand Forks) 2nd Place

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