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Coaching Survey (link)

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Online Activity Registration

Beginning in the fall of 2016, BPS is moving to an online registration system for all students involved in athletics. Moving to this system will make things more efficient for parents as you should only have to register your student once for the school year and that information will follow them throughout any of the activities they participate in during the course of the school year. In order to complete registration for your student so that he/she is eligible to participate here is what needs to be done:

A physical examination must be completed prior to your student participating in a practice. Physicals are good for the current school year as long as they took place on or after April 15th of the preceding school year. There will be a section in the online registration for you to upload the physical.

Please complete the online registration for your student by clicking the link below titled '2016-2017 Online Activity Registration'.


At the top of the page you will see the following headings:

• Other Forms-Here you will find a fee schedule, Photo order form, Travel waiver Permit, Return to Play procedures for students with Concussions, and our Bullying policy. Please review these forms.

• Schedules-Fall sports schedules are accessible from this link.

Next, scroll down the page a bit and click on the icon titled ‘Athletic Team Registration'. There are three choices on the next page-click on the middle button ‘Legacy High School Registration New users-create an account'. You will be asked to fill out some general information, upload a physical (if you are able), complete the code of conduct form, complete a medical history/information section and complete a section on concussions. Some things to remember as you are completing this:

• If your child has not had a physical yet, you can still complete the remainder of the form and submit it. Once your child has their physical completed, you may login using the ‘Returning Users' button under Family Accounts. You should be uploading the final page of the physical titled ‘Clearance Form'. Please remember your child MUST have their physical completed before they are allowed to practice!
• Under the ‘Activity' section, please select the sport your child is participating in. If your child is participating in winter and spring sports, you may select those at this time also-or you may login when those sport seasons come around and add them to your child's registration. If you add a winter/spring sport now and your child decides to not participate in that sport, no problem--we will delete it when the sport season comes around. Selecting all activities your child is going to participate in throughout the year does not require you to pay the activity fee until the sport season begins. If you like, you can pay all activity fees now.
• When completing the remainder of the form, make sure to fill in all boxes that have asterisks (*). You will not be allowed to submit the form at the end otherwise.
• Under the Code of Conduct, Concussion Form, and Sanford Medical Release Form, there are several checkboxes that must be checked to indicate you have read and understand the information. You will not be allowed to submit the form at the end if these are not checked.
• Under ‘Medical Conditions/Allergies', please be specific. If you have no information to add, please type ‘None'.
• After all information is entered, click the ‘Next' button at the bottom of the form and you will be prompted to create your account. This should complete the registration process.


You may submit the appropriate activity fee in one of two ways.

1. Activity fees can be paid in the office at your student's school. The cost is $50 per sport. See the fee schedule at the top of the registration page for more information.

2. You may choose to take advantage of MyPaymentsPlus allows you to pay for all activity fees in addition to depositing lunch money, paying for parking passes, purchasing activity passes, etc. and does not charge a fee to do so. MyPaymentsPlus also allows you to see a history of your payments so you know when you made a payment and what the amount was.

IMPORTANT!!--IF YOU USE 'MY PAYMENTS PLUS' TO PAY YOUR FEES, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10TH!! The site is currently undergoing maintenance for the upcoming school year.

Once you have completed the online registration, uploaded a physical and paid the fee for your student, they should be registered and ready to go for the school year. You should not have to complete a new registration each time a new season comes around. Again, you may choose to pay your activity fees each season or you may choose to pay them all up front if you know your student will be participating in that activity.

If you have any questions about the online activity registration, please do not hesitate to contact your school activities director at the contact number or email listed for them. Please click the link below to start your online activity registration

2016-2017 Online Activity Registration

2016-2017 Online Activity Registration (link)

2016-2017 Sports Physical Information

2016-2017 Sports Physical Information (pdf document)
File Size: 299.63 kb

This document contains dates, times, and locations where sports physicals are being offered by Sanford and CHI. The cost for sports physicals is $50.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Information

Follow this link for access to the following:

**Concussion and Heat Illness information
**Concussion and Heat Illness videos
**"Know the Risks" video.
**NDHSAA Physical Form and Sanford Medical Release Form

NCAA Eligibility Requirements

NCAA Eligibility Requirements (link)

This link contains important academic information for student athletes planning on participating in athletics at Division I and II colleges. It is recommended that any student athlete planning on participating in athletics at the Division I/II level set up a meeting with their counselor prior to their JUNIOR year of high school to discuss the requirements for athletic participation at these levels.

My Payments Plus

My Payments Plus Login

My Payments Plus User Guide (link)

Click on this link for detailed instructions on how to create an account and pay athletic fees online.

LHS rschool Activities Schedules (link)

Schedules for athletic teams, band, choir, and other school groups may be found here

Bismarck Community Bowl Tailgating Permit (link)

This permit needs to be signed and returned prior to any tailgating events at the Bismarck Community Bowl.

Code of Conduct (pdf document)
File Size: 236.03 kb

Parents AND Student Athletes must sign and return the Code of Conduct Form prior to participating in any activity at Legacy High School.

NDHSAA Physical Form (link)

The ND High School Activities Association requires athletes grades 7-12 to have a sports physical EACH YEAR. A physical examination must be completed on or after April 15 to be valid for participation the following school year. All athletes must have a physical completed BEFORE PRACTICE starts for his/her particular sport.

Sanford Medical Release Form (link)

All students participating in athletics must complete this form and return it to their coach/advisor

Know The Risks (link)

This video must be viewed by parents and students planning on participating in athletics at Legacy High School. The video must be viewed once each school year. After viewing it, the BPS Code of Conduct Form may be signed and returned to the coach/advisor.

Travel Waiver Permit (pdf document)
File Size: 45.93 kb

This form must be completed by any parent that wishes to provide an alternate means of transportation for their child to and/or from an out of town athletic event when bus transportation is provided by the school. This does not apply to travel conducted in the Bismarck-Mandan area. The form must be completed PRIOR to the trip and submitted to the coach/advisor in charge of the activity.

Platinum Photography Order Form (pdf document)
File Size: 305.1 kb

BPS Athletic Rosters (link)

This webpage contains rosters for VARSITY level teams in the Bismarck Public Schools

WDA Sports Website (link)

Information about all Western Dakota Association schools may be found here

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