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STORM Staff Members - Grade 8
  Name Subject Telephone Extension
Tammy Tufte Earth Science 5061
Kim Chaussee U S History 5071
Kelly Moormann English 5029
Scott Gefroh North Dakota Studies 5074
Funnon Barker 8th grade math
Jeff Horner 6th grade Technology
7th grade Technology
8th grade Technology
Lisa Jenkins 6th grade PE
7th grade PE
8th grade PE
8th grade Careers
Kimberly Hager AVID
TransMath 6, 7 & 8
STORM teachers meet everyday between 1:50 and 2:30. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns. Extension: 5096

STORM Weekly Assignments for Nov 28 - Dec 2
  Mon Nov 28-Tues Nov 29 Wed Nov 30-Thurs Dec 1 Fri Dec 2
Math 8/ Applied (Barker) Verbal Test over square and cube roots
Section 6.1 section 6.2
Algebra (Barker) Chapter 7 test Chapter 8 section 1 chapter 8.2
History (Chaussee) * Continue working on textbook or research

* Researchers - you should be done researching 5 topics
Textbook - you need to be done with the Chapter 6-2 and 6-3

Science (Tufte) Igniters
What are the important units of measurement?
*Density pod work - go over in class
Discuss Density/Review
Measurement Practice Lab
Scientific Method
*Discuss and Practice - anything incomplete will be homework
English (Moormann) Finalize Noodle Tools and debate prep
Print outlines--highlight main ideas and facts that would be beneficial to your debate

START debates! Hope to get them all done! Finish debates...if not done already.

Start "Anne Frank," and Holocaust talk...
NDS (Gefroh)      
AVID (Hager)      
STORM Team teachers meet daily from 1:55-2:30. You can reach us by calling 701-323-4550 ext 5096.

STORM Weekly Assignments: Nov 14-18
  Mon Nov 14 Tues Nov 15 Wed Nov 16 Thurs Nov 17 Fri Nov 18
Math 8/ Applied (Barker) no school map testing section 6.4 page 256-257
Algebra (Barker) no school map testing start on section 7.3
History (Chaussee) * Patriots or Loyalist essay due

* Declaration Investigation group work

* Declaration collage - what values are emphasized in the Declaration

* Exit ticket
* Declaration vocab

* Declaration highlights

* Do pages 11 and 12

* Study Guide - test next class period
* Correct pages 11-12

* Declaration Test

* Introduction of the Revolution unit
Science (Tufte)    
English (Moormann) --Go over tests
--Finish 3 body paragraphs
--Start Unit 9 in textbook
--Cornell notes on Unit 9
--Unit 9 reading
--Grammar work
--Possible circles
--Intro to debate
--Rules, topics, NoodleTools rundown, worktime
NDS (Gefroh)      
Phy. Ed. (Jenkins)
6 & 8 Soccer
7th - Health Notes
Chapter 3
No School No School
AVID (Hager)      
STORM Team teachers meet daily from 1:55-2:30. You can reach us by calling 701-323-4550 ext 5096.

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