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STORM Staff Members - Grade 8
  Name Subject Telephone Extension
Tammy Tufte Earth Science 5061
Kim Chaussee U S History 5071
Kelly Moormann English 5029
Scott Gefroh North Dakota Studies 5074
Funnon Barker 8th grade math
Jeff Horner 6th grade Technology
7th grade Technology
8th grade Technology
Lisa Jenkins 6th grade PE
7th grade PE
8th grade PE
8th grade Careers
Kimberly Hager AVID
TransMath 6, 7 & 8
STORM teachers meet everyday between 1:50 and 2:30. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns. Extension: 5096

STORM Weekly Assignments Jan 16-20
  Mon Jan 16 Tues Jan 17 Wed Jan 18 Thurs Jan 19 Fri Jan 20
Math 8/ Applied (Barker) Verbal Test over square and cube roots
Section 6.1 section 6.2
Algebra (Barker) Chapter 7 test Chapter 8 section 1 chapter 8.2
History (Chaussee) No School * Review Articles of Confederation

* Lesson Topics: Shays' Rebellion and Economic Depression

* Write a letter to George Washington relaying your concerns for the country and offering a solution.

Science (Tufte) Igniters
What are the important units of measurement?
*Density pod work - go over in class
Discuss Density/Review
Measurement Practice Lab
Scientific Method
*Discuss and Practice - anything incomplete will be homework
English (Moormann) Finish reading Test
Start foldable
--Finish foldable
--Start movie
NDS (Gefroh)      
AVID (Hager)      
STORM Team teachers meet daily from 1:55-2:30. You can reach us by calling 701-323-4550 ext 5096.

STORM Weekly Assignments: Jan. 9-13
  Mon Jan 9 Tues Jan 10 Wed Jan 11 Thurs Jan 12 Fri Jan 13
Math 8/ Applied (Barker) no school map testing section 6.4 page 256-257
Algebra (Barker) no school map testing start on section 7.3
History (Chaussee) * Read 163-168
Do Reading Check Questions on pages 164, 165, 166
Do 2a, 4a, and 4b on page 168

* Notes: Constitutional Convention
* Lesson Topic: Preamble of the Constitution

* Do Preamble Scramble and rewrite the Preamble
* Introduce current events assignment for 3rd quarter

* Take your progress report home and share it with your parents. Get it signed and bring it back to class.

Lesson Topic: Legislative Branch (Art I Sect 1-3)

Science (Tufte) Igniters
Sci World and Graphing DUE
Rocket/Space Exploration
Rocket/Space Exploration Day 2
Rocket Science Assignment - due next class

Reading/Assignment on Space Exploration
Rocket Science Assignment Due
Space Exploration Assignment/Research Due
Go Over and Discuss
English (Moormann) --Finish reading "Out of Bounds" and answer questions A, B, C, E, F, H

--Read "Pecos Bill" answer questions A, C, E H and the tan box on pg. 831

--Start historical fiction movie project---pick a historical fiction movie, make a presentation about: what is the historical event, similarities and differences to the real event.
--Finish movie project--turn into classroom before next class period
--Start story planning for historical fiction stories (on purple sheet).
--Finish story outline--purple sheet
--Start Unit 4 in textbook
--pg. 462-467 answering questions with the story
--pg. 474-483 reading and answer questions on pg. 484 #1,3,4, and tan box
--write the theme of each myth
NDS (Gefroh)      
Phy. Ed. (Jenkins)
6 & 8 Soccer
7th - Health Notes
Chapter 3
No School No School
AVID (Hager)      
STORM Team teachers meet daily from 1:55-2:30. You can reach us by calling 701-323-4550 ext 5096.

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