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Middle Schools in Bismarck Public Schools organize relationships for learning to create a climate of intellectual development and a caring community of shared educational purpose. All three middle schools in the Bismarck district are divided into smaller learning communities, with teams of teachers and students as the underlying organizational structure. To ensure strong teams, our middle schools pay attention to the nature and quality of interactions among teachers and student team members. Our middle schools' teams continually concentrate their efforts on achieving high standards for both teaching and learning skills. Our middle schools also attend to critical elements which affect the success of our teams. These critical elements include the size of the teams, the composition of each team, a team time for all team members to meet daily, and continuity in all aspects of the teaching and learning process.

~Turning Points 2000~

Team Infinity Staff Members - Grade 6
Name Subject
Deb Steffeck English
Angela Myerchin Team Leader Reading Reading Textbook Link
Pat Gilliss Social Studies TEXTBOOK
Marlena Zaun Math
TEXTBOOK BPS username, password= bigideas
Brian Price Science
Mr. Nohner Technology
Mr. Wright Digital Literacy: Student Moodle
Mr. Salzer Band
Infinity Newsletter October 2016 Newsletter
Team Infinity teachers meet M,W,F from 12:20-1:00pm. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns.

Team Inspire Teachers
  Subject Textbook Online Link
Lisa Bauman P.E.  
Darryl Duttenhefner Science  
Cara Emerson Reading Literature book
Linda Kaiser Math Google Classroom Sign in for
Jenni Picard English Literature book
Kate Skibicki;Team Leader Social Studies History Alive

Connie Stordalen Choir  
Staceyann Ziemann Science/Reading/STEM Literature book
The team meets daily during 5th period from 12:20 - 1:00.

Team Odyssey Teachers
Shelly Kuntz *Team Leader* Health
Kara Kamphuis Math
Brent Roningen Science
Stephanie Holtz English
Angela Worrel Art
Derrick Leithold Global Studies - Website
Gerald Ziemann Physical Education
Melinda Halverson Band
Team Odyssey teachers meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10:15-10:55. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns. Email anytime.

Quest Staff Members - Grade 7
Name Subject
Kelly Fike English
Baron Blanchard Global Studies
Peggy Hoge Communications Lab 7 / Reading Pro 7
Rick Olwell Life Science
Kim Otos FACS
Team LeaderKenyon Wingenbach Math 7, Accelerated Math 7
Traci Maragos Communications Lab 7
Team Quest teachers meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 10:15 - 10:55. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns.

Dream Team Staff Members - Grade 8
Sherrie Muse Science
Tiffany Fitzgerald U.S. History
Marcie Howard Skills for Success
John Doppler: Team Leader English
Hollie Matties Communications & Collaboration
Mark Neset Algebra/Math8
Steve Feeney Physical Education
Dream Team teachers meet daily between 1:50-2:30 pm. Please call between those times.

STORM Staff Members - Grade 8
  Name Subject Telephone Extension
Tammy Tufte Earth Science 5061
Kim Chaussee U S History 5071
Kelly Moormann English 5029
Scott Gefroh North Dakota Studies 5074
Funnon Barker 8th grade math
Jeff Horner 6th grade Technology
7th grade Technology
8th grade Technology
Lisa Jenkins 6th grade PE
7th grade PE
8th grade PE
8th grade Careers
Kimberly Hager AVID
TransMath 6, 7 & 8
STORM teachers meet everyday between 1:50 and 2:30. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns. Extension: 5096

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