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Drama Club

Horizon Middle School has a strong extra-curricular theatre program and offers a variety of opportunities for actors and actresses.

Out of Season Drama Club - Actors and Actresses meet after school from 3:30-4:30 on designated days to strengthen acting skills, build camaraderie and teamwork. These sessions take place in the fall and spring (before and after) the annual productions.

Annual Production - One full length play is produced yearly, directed by Lori Riehl and assisted by Kory Shauer-Hagler. The play is typically scheduled for a February showing. A complimentary viewing of the play is presented to seventh graders during the school day and there are three performances during the weekend (two evenings and one matinee). Actors, actresses and technicians vote on four annual awards: Best Actor and Actress, Most Improved and the Leadership Award.

Summer Programs Scholarship Fund - Summer Theater Programs teach and enhance drama skills that are used during the school year and throughout a lifetime. In short, Horizon Middle School's productions are more successful due to summer programs; therefore, we are committed to fund these community programs through our scholarship fund. Each year approximately $450 is available for scholarships for HMS theatre students.

Backstage Pass Program - The Backstage Pass Club is a fundraising organization that promotes the growth and development of theatre and drama for students at Horizon Middle School. The Backstage Pass Club provides an opportunity for supporters of the HMS theatre program to make a tax deductible donation to support the activities of the students who participate in HMS Drama Club activities, and who make up the cast and crew of the Horizon Middle School theatre productions.

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