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Girls Volleyball

Due to an unforeseen conflict with the gyms, all practices for Tuesday, March 14 have been cancelled. The following are the rescheduled practices:

Jamie - Thursday, March 16 at 3:30 in the west gym
Ashley- Friday, March 17 at 4:30 in the west gym
Becky - will not reschedule but will still have her originally scheduled practice on Thursday, March 16 at 4:00 in the east gym

All 6th grade volleyball schedules are available on the activities schedule link (via rSchool Today) on the HMS Athletics homepage.

2017 Coaches

Jamie Stoppler - Teams 1 and 2

Becky Seime - Teams 3 and 4

Issy Cleary - Teams 5 and 6

Ashley Eide - Team 7

2017 6th Grade Girls Game Dates
*Saturday, February 4 - Simle Middle School
*Saturday, February 11 - Horizon Middle School
*Saturday, February 18 - Wachter Middle School
*Saturday, February 25 - Horizon Middle School
*Saturday, March 4 - Wachter Middle School
*Tuesday, March 7 - Simle Middle School
*Thursday, March 9 - Simle Middle School
*Saturday, March 18 - Horizon, Simle, and Wachter Middle


Horizon 1 & 2 game and practice schedule (Jamie) (pdf document)
File Size: 201.78 kb

Horizon 3 & 4 game and practice schedule (Becky) (ocx document)
File Size: 12.33 kb

Horizon 5 & 6 game and practice schedule (Issy) (pdf document)
File Size: 94.69 kb

Horizon 7 game and practice schedule (Ashley) (pdf document)
File Size: 115.92 kb

6th Grade Volleyball Request for Parents

6th Grade Volleyball Parent Info. (ocx document)
File Size: 12.21 kb

Game Schedules

Activities Schedules

6th Grade Girls Volleyball Guidelines

6th Grade Girls Volleyball Guidelines (ocx document)
File Size: 12.51 kb

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