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Unit Notes and Daily Work

Events Leading to Revolution

Acts of Parliament (doc document)
File Size: 33 kb

First Continental Congress (pdf document)
File Size: 52.33 kb

Declaration of Independence

2nd Continental Congress (pdf document)
File Size: 21.07 kb

American Revolution

Revolution Research (pdf document)
File Size: 111.83 kb

Research Format (pdf document)
File Size: 105.94 kb

American Revolution (ppt document)
File Size: 195 kb

Articles of Confederation

Shays' Rebellion video (link)

Shays' Rebellion video

Plea for Change (ocx document)
File Size: 14.55 kb

Notes: Articles of Confederation (ptx document)
File Size: 886.57 kb

Economic Depression (pdf document)
File Size: 43.54 kb

First National Government (pdf document)
File Size: 30.15 kb


Behaviors of Responsible Citizens (pdf document)
File Size: 101.05 kb

Essay on Behaviors of Responsible Citizens (doc document)
File Size: 22.5 kb

Bill of Rights (ocx document)
File Size: 17.54 kb

State of the Union (pdf document)
File Size: 46.02 kb

Powers of Congress (pdf document)
File Size: 144.05 kb

Track a Bill (pdf document)
File Size: 80.94 kb

Two Houses of Congress (ocx document)
File Size: 26.38 kb

Article I notes (ptx document)
File Size: 5619.18 kb

Article II notes (ptx document)
File Size: 610.87 kb

Constitution notes (pdf document)
File Size: 1551.24 kb

House, Senate, or Both (doc document)
File Size: 22 kb

1st 5 Presidents

Tab Top Booklet (pdf document)
File Size: 36.83 kb

Presidential Booklet (pdf document)
File Size: 68.89 kb

Biopoem (pdf document)
File Size: 16.27 kb

Research cube (pdf document)
File Size: 77.78 kb

Industrial Revolution

Foldable Questions Set #3 (doc document)
File Size: 21.5 kb

Foldable Questions Set #4 (doc document)
File Size: 21.5 kb

Foldable Questions Set 1  (pdf document)
File Size: 14.13 kb

Foldable Questions Set 2 (pdf document)
File Size: 14.22 kb

Manifest Destiny

"Blankets for the Dead" reflection questions (doc document)
File Size: 23 kb

The Age of Jackson (ppt document)
File Size: 1998 kb

Manifest Destiny notes (ppt document)
File Size: 3421 kb

Completed Territorial Expansion Map (pdf document)
File Size: 277.54 kb

Alamo notes (pdf document)
File Size: 166.18 kb

California Notes (ppt document)
File Size: 10441.5 kb

Oregon Trail (pdf document)
File Size: 57.1 kb

Texas notes (pdf document)
File Size: 60.22 kb

Events leading to the Civil War

Events leading to Civil War Notes (ppt document)
File Size: 10025 kb

Events leading to Civil War (pdf document)
File Size: 181.68 kb

Civil War

Guided Reading 16-1 (doc document)
File Size: 24 kb

Guided Reading 16-2 (doc document)
File Size: 23 kb

Civil War (ppt document)
File Size: 958 kb

Civil War notes

Life in the Colonies

Colonial notes (ppt document)
File Size: 4138 kb

Colonial Map (pdf document)
File Size: 213.15 kb

Survival Plan Directions (doc document)
File Size: 45 kb

Colonial Comparison Chart (pdf document)
File Size: 23.81 kb

Colonial Gov't, Trade, & War

Guided Reading 4-3 (pdf document)
File Size: 166.36 kb

Colonial Government Notes (ptx document)
File Size: 397.95 kb

Guided Reading 4-4 (pdf document)
File Size: 205.15 kb

Mercantilism Notes (pdf document)
File Size: 25.77 kb

French and Indian War Ends (pdf document)
File Size: 41.97 kb

Acts of Parliament (doc document)
File Size: 33 kb

First Continental Congress (pdf document)
File Size: 52.33 kb

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