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Classroom Resources

1st 5 Presidents

Tab Top Booklet (doc document)
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Book Report

Book Report Requirements (pdf document)
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Book report recommendations (pdf document)
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Goop Recipe

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Scenes from the West

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Policies & Procedures

2014-15 Classroom Guidelines and Procedures
US History
Mrs. Chaussee
(My last name sounds like "show see")
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Welcome to the start of another school year. It is an exciting time full of lots of changes. I hope sharing the following information gets us off to a good start. I would like to encourage you to keep this paper the entire year so you can refer to it periodically.

1. Supplies
I would like you to bring the following items to class each day: a yellow single-subject notebook, a yellow folder or binder, a pen, a pencil, and a highlighter. STORM teachers will also require you to use a pencil pouch to help with organization. You will be receiving a textbook. Please keep a yellow cover on it.
We will do several projects throughout the year so it is a good idea to keep colored pencils, a ruler, and a black fine tip marker or Sharpie in your locker. I will have a supply for the class but sometimes students prefer to have their own.

2. Make-up Work
I'm pretty flexible when it comes to make-up work but if you are gone you are responsible to find out what the assignment is and turn it in to me. I will try to remind you but ultimately you are the one who will experience the consequences, so keep yourself organized.
Schedule an appointment with me to make up missed tests. They should be made up within one week because history shows that the sooner you make up the test, the better your grade will be.

3. Late Assignments
If you need to turn in an assignment late for any reason other than an excused absence, I will expect you to stay after school to complete the work. Transportation often becomes an issue and an inconvienience for your family when you have to stay after. Detention also interfers with all kinds of after school activities. My advice to you is to get your work turned in on time and everybody will be happy .

4. Current Events
Class will begin on Tuesdays and Fridays with a discussion of current events. You will need to complete 3 current events in the course of the 9 weeks. You will be given full credit only if you know at least 5 facts about the current event. I will not be very particular about what will count as a current event because history is made up of every aspect of life. However, you will have to be able to cite your source. Did it come from the newspaper, a news magazine (Time, Newsweek, etc.), the radio, TV, or the Internet? All of the above sources are acceptable. Sport scores will not be allowed - I want you to expand your horizons into other areas of news.

5. Study guides or study groups
Study guides will be available online and in the classroom before the test for those who are interested. Completing study guides is recommended but not required. I will hold study sessions after school the night before a test. Students in the past have said that the study groups are very helpful.

6. Ins and Outs
A file with "Hand-Ins and Hand-Outs" will be located near my desk. If you want to make sure that I get your assignment, you are responsible to put the assignment in the appropriate folder. It's a bad idea to hand me a paper on your way in or out of class or if I am busy doing something else.

7. "Mrs. Chaussee, do we need to keep this?"
I recommend that you keep ALL of your returned papers at least until the grading period is over. Maintaining an organized folder will help. That paper with a grade on it is the only proof that both you and I have that shows the assignment was completed and graded. Keeping graded work will help avoid conflict.

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