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Lab Safety Video

Lab Safety Video (link)

Go React Sim

Go React! (link)

Build a Molecule Sim

Build a Molecule Sim (link)

Classification of Elements

Classification of Fugitive Elements (pdf document)
File Size: 63.56 kb

Find your Fugitive Element and compare the background color to the key to find the classification of your element.

Periodic Table of Videos

Periodic Table of Videos (link)

Element Wanted Posters

How Dangerous is your Element? (link)

Visit the link to find out how hazardous your element is.

Jefferson Lab Periodic Table (link)

For Known Hideouts, choose your element and read the History & Uses section.

Known Hideouts (link)

Expand the Uses and Properties Tab to find Known Hideouts for your element. Any product your element is used in can be a known hideout.

Known Partners in Crime (link)

Click on your Fugitive Element to find compounds formed with your element. The other elements in the compound are the Known Partners in Crime!

Discoverers of Elements (link)

Click the link to see who discovered (the "parent") of each element.

Discoverers of Elements 2 (link)

Visit the link to see who discovered each element.

Web Element Periodic Table (link)

Chemical Elements Periodic Table (link)

Chemicool Periodic Table (link)

Interactive Periodic Table (link)

Photographic Periodic Table (link)

PhET Atom Sim

Atom Game (link)

Planetary Models of Elements

Planetary Models of All Elements (link)

Click on the link to find the planetary model of your element.

Build an Atom Workshop

Build an Atom Workshop (link)

Pirate Ship Challenge

Pirate Ship (link)

Horrendous Soup

Horrendous Soup (link)

Periodic Table Game

Periodic Table Game (link)

Metric Conversion Flashcards

Metric Conversion Flashcards (link)

Click the link to practice conversion flashcards. De-select "term first" and "both sides".

Measurement #1 (link)

Glowstick Information

Glowstick Article #1 (link)

Click link and then the Big Red Couch!

Glowstick Simulation (link)

The Case of the Missing Amazon Flies

The Case of the Amazon Flies (link)

Science 6 Survey

Science 6 Survey (link)

Final Review Websites

Build a Molecule Sim (link)

Energy Skate Park (link)

Go React! (link)

Graphing Challenge (link)

Click on the Graphing Game link at the top left of the page.

Horrendous Soup: Metric Review (link)

Motion & Force (link)

Roller Coaster Creator (link)

Rollercoaster Links

Roller Coaster Creator (link)


Crest, Trough, Wavelength (link)

Click the glossary tab for detailed definitions.

Frequency & Amplitude (link)

Longitudinal & Transverse Waves (link)

Watch the short videoclip to define longitudinal and transverse waves.

Waves on a String (link)

Newton's Laws Tutorial

Newton's Laws Tutorial (link)

PhET Motion & Force

Motion & Force (link)

Graphing Challenge

Graphing Challenge (link)

Click on the Graphing Game link at the top left of the page.

Olympic Videos

2010 Olympic Videos (link)

2014 Olympics Video (link)

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer (link)

Heat Transfer VideoClips (link)

Element Flashcards

Element Flashcards (link)

Link to site with element flashcards. Please click "More Options" to choose only elements 1-36.

Energy Links

US Energy Website (link)

What is Energy? (link)

Energy Skate Park

Energy Skate Park (link)

Lab Equipment Review Game

Lab Equipment Review Game (link)

Click the blue grid button to the right of the speaker button to see the cards.

Mixture Lab

Mixtures Lab (link)

PhET Energy Transfers

Energy Forms & Transfers (link)

Photographic Periodic Table

Photographic Periodic Table (link)

Rube Goldberg Videos (link)

Salt & Sugar Simulation

Salt & Sugar Solutions (link)

Speed Match Review Games

Science Inquiry Review, Quiz #1 (link)

State of Matter Link

State of Matter Sim (jar document)
File Size: 2111.4 kb

States of Matter

States of Matter Sim (link)

Games & Puzzles

Atom Game (link)

Atom Quiz Game (link)

Element Flashcards (link)

Element Memory Game (link)

Science Games! (link)

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