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Physical Science



Chapter 12 Practice Problem Key Under Study Guide Link!

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General Information

What should I bring to class? Each day, you will need to bring a notebook, folder, a pen or pencil and homework to class. After the bell rings, you will not be allowed to go back to your locker. Occasionally, I will ask you to bring other supplies such as a calculator or colored pencils.

Absences: If you are planning to be absent, please let me know at least one day in advance so I can give you your assignments. Remember that if you have a cut slip for an absence, you are expected to have your homework done when you return to school. Late assignments should be placed in the "Late Assignments" file for your period. You will have 2 days to make up homework for each day you are unexpectedly absent (due to sickness, etc.).

Late Work: You will receive a zero for any work that is not turned in. However, at the beginning of each quarter, you will receive one "oops" coupon for unfinished homework. An "oops" coupon allows you to turn homework in for full credit.

Missing Assignments: Each Monday, missing assignment reports will be handed out at the beginning of class. You will have until Wednesday to make up the missing assignment(s) using an "oops". Any assignments not turned in will become a zero at the end of the week.

Grade Categories: Grades will be broken down into the following categories.
Tests & Quizzes
Daily Work


Scientific Method
Properties of Matter
States of Matter
Structure of Matter
The Periodic Table
Chemical Reactions
Acids, Bases & Salts
Nuclear Changes
Work & Energy
Simple Machines
Sound & Light


There are several opportunities in science to earn extra credit. Some of these are available on all of the tests and others can be done once a quarter. Test extra credit will be added onto individual tests. Other extra credit will be added onto grades at midterm and the end of the quarter.

Before each test, you will receive 4-5 practice essay questions. Two or three of the questions will be essay questions from the test. You will receive one extra credit point for each practice essay you answer thoroughly. You do not need to do all the practice essays to receive the extra credit. The practice essays are due the day of the test and the points you earn will be added onto your test score.

Once a quarter, you can visit the Gateway to Science museum located by Bismarck State College. Extra credit can be turned in up until one week before the quarter ends. You may receive up to ten extra credit points for a half to full page essay on:
1. Descriptions of the museum exhibits
2. 4-5 ideas/concepts you learned about
3. One or two ideas/concepts you would like to understand

Once a quarter, each student is encouraged to present a science current event to the class. The presentation, combined with a summary of the article, is worth up to ten extra credit points. New sign-up sheets will be posted on Monday for Friday's presentations. See Mrs. Hendrickson for a rubric and summary sheet for the presentations.

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