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Mrs. Kaiser

Welcome to Team Inspire's Math!

Mrs. Kaiser's Education:
BS in Elementary Education
MS in Education
Middle School Endorsement

Mrs. Kaiser's Contact Information:
Email: Linda Kaiser
School Phone: 701-323-4550 (Best time to reach: 1:00-1:45 PM)

Mrs. Kaiser
1:1 Technology

Every student has access to a Chromebook in our classroom. We utilize the laptops for research, assignments, tutorial videos, math games, online textbooks, publishing, etc. The majority of the assignments are posted through Google Classroom - which students can access online at home as long as they sign in to their account.

A Blended Classroom

We are blended in our learning - meaning I use both traditional and online methods. Having been in education for (gasp) 25 years, I love the mix of "old school" and "new wave". I try to pick and choose those moments when the computer is best, a math game is best, or a quick lecture is best... I have spent a lot of time with 6th graders and I have to admit, more than 15 minutes at the same task, and I start to bore myself.

Mrs. Kaiser's Schedule
Block Schedule

New to HMS for 2015-2016! I'll see you every day for 30 minutes if I'm your homebase teacher, and every other day for 90 minutes of Math. Some positives of a block schedule in the 6th Grade...

- More time to complete cooperative projects
- More time for individual students to get help
- Less time running frantically around the building
- Less opportunities for the locker to get stuck
- Better chance of coming to class with the correct materials
- Two nights to complete math homework

Sounding better already, huh?

Standards Based Grading

The district's standards based grading system will be used in these courses.
1: the student has limited understanding of the benchmark/standard
2: the student has partially met the benchmark/standard
3: the student has met the benchmark/standard
4: the student has exceeded the benchmark/standard

At the middle level, we also have respect & responsibility behavior grades.
M: the student meets expectations
P: the student is progressing
N: the student needs improvement

Grades can be viewed on PowerSchool. Click HERE for help viewing standards-based grades in PowerSchool.

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