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Mr. Doppler


Contact Information
Email: Mr. Doppler

School Phone: 323-4550

Team time: 7th Period

Individual Prep: 3rd Period

Mr. Doppler's Expectations

1. Make eye contact with the speaker in the room and Know that you will be respected as learners and Dreamers.

2. Expect to work to gain new understanding and insights.

3. Plan on homework 4 to 5 nights a week.

4. Utilize the agenda and other organizational tools to help you succeed.

5. Count on having some fun!


This is the link to our BLOG SITE. Here you will doing many things. Sharing ideas, exchanging information, commenting on class and content, even some quizzing.

I started blogging with my classes in 2007. I found the exercise to be very valuable. Not every student participates in the same way, but every student DID participate!

Click it!

100 Interactive Grammar Quizes (link)

170 interactive grammar quizzes
The site also offers a great deal of writing support.

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