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Fall 2016:


Fifth graders in Bismarck Public Schools recieve standards based grading (1, 2, 3, 4).

English Language Arts:

We have an hour and a half reading block every afternoon, except on Fridays. During this time the students are engaged in various reading activities. A few examples are read to self, read to someone, word work, listen to reading, group with teacher, and work on writing.

-During read to self students practice stamina in their reading alone.
-During read to someone students work on their fluency skills with other students.
-During word work students work on vocabulary.
-During listen to reading students listen to others read and give feedback.
-During group with teacher students work on the reading skill and reading various texts at or above their reading level.
-During work on writing students work on writing skills, including spelling.

In fifth grade we use Benchmark Reading. Students are exposed to various genres of reading, mixing both fiction and nonfiction stories. We will have debates, perform plays, incorporate writing, and much more each month.

Fall focus:

Below are the learning targets we will be covering this fall.

5.RL.10- Read and comprehend literature.
5.RI.10- Read and comprehend informative text.
5.RL.01- Quote accurately from literature when drawing inferences.
5.RI.01- Quote accurately from informative text.
5.RL.02- Determine the theme of a literature story.
5.RI.02- Summarize informative text, determining and supporting the main idea.
5.L.06- Use general and domain specific words and phrases to better understand each of the words.
5.SL.01- Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions.
5.SL.04- Report on a topic or present an opinion; speaking clearly at a good pace.


In fifth grade we focus on three specific types of writing: narrative, persuasive, and informative.

We have been learning about all three writing genres. Our focus has been more on opinion and narrative, but we are starting a PBL on informative writing called "It's News to Me".

Throughout the remainder of the year, we will continue to connect art with our writing.

Standards covered this fall in writing:
5.W.01- Write opinion pieces on topics or text.
5.W.02- Write informative/explanatory texts to examine topic and convey ideas and information clearly.
5.W.03- Write a narrative using effective technique, detail, and clear sequence.
5.W.04- Produce writing which is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
5.W.05- Develop writing by planning, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach.
5.W.06- Use technology to produce and publish writing and collaborate with others.
5.W.07- Conduct short research projects that use several sources to build knowledge.


We have started to dig into place value. Students are learning how to read, write, and compare decimals. We will be learning the importance of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals in the real world. Students will get to participate in a PBL called "Our Thriving Community" where they apply math to everyday life in a career of their choice.

Standards covered in math this month:
MAT-05.NBT.03- Read, write, and compare decimals to the thousandths.
MAT-05.NBT.07- Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals to the hundredths.

Social Studies:

Fifth grade social studies has been very hands-on, project based. We have debates, use a lot of technology, and go on many study trips.

Currently, students are learning about early explorers and their reasons for exploration. We will connect geography (map reading) into this part of history.

Throughout the year, we also make connections with current events to the past.

Standards covered in social studies this fall:
SST.05.1.05- Use spatial terms to describe the world.
SST.05.2.07- Explain reasons for early exploration.
SST.05.1.01- Read and compare maps of the United States
SST.05.1.03- Evaluate current events using print and electronic media.
SST.05.2.03- Compare and contrast past events and current events in U.S. history.


Mrs. Mettler will be teaching science and health this year. Feel free to contact her for more information.

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