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There are a number of classroom procedures we follow in our classroom. These procedurs are posted through out the room, in our classroom procedure book, and are practiced repeatedly during the school year.

Monitoring Behavior:
I believe in teaching the students to monitor their own behavior to make good choices. I also believe in having students fix their mistakes and to come up with the ideas to fix their mistakes. These ideas help students become responsible for their actions and allows their mistakes to become learning opportunities. To help students to fulfill these goals and become good citizens, we will learn about and pracite Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: To act in a manner that makes one worthy of trust and confidence
TRUTHFULNESS: To be honest about things and feelings with ones self and others
ACTIVE LISTENING: To listen with the intention of understanding what the speaker intends to communicate
NO PUT DOWNS: To never use words actions and/or body language that degrade, humiliate or dishonor others
PERSONAL BEST: To do one's best given the circumstances and available resources

INTEGRITY: To act according to what's right and wrong
INITIATIVE: To do something because it needs to be done
FLEXIBILITY: The ability to alter plans when necessary
PERSEVERANCE: To keep at it
ORGANIZATION: To work in an orderly way
SENSE OF HUMOR: To laugh and be playful without hurting others
EFFORT: To do your best
COMMON SENSE: To think it through
PROBLEM SOLVING: To seek solutions
RESPONSIBILITY: To do what's right
PATIENCE: To wait calmly
FRIENDSHIP: To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring
CURIOSITY: To investigate and seek understanding
COOPERATION: To work together toward a common goal
CARING: To show/feel concern
COURAGE: To act according to one's beliefs
PRIDE: Satisfaction from doing your personal best
RESOURCEFULNESS: To respond to challenges in creative ways

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