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Newsletters for Caregivers

Notes for Caregivers (pdf document)
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I have put together a booklet with all of the lists for the year. Please save this booklet or find the list on-line. On Mondays, we will take a pretest. If your child passes this, the child receives a spelling pass to skip Thursday's test. There are many grammar skills on our classroom spelling pages. We will also do editing work later in the year.

Dictionary Word of the Week
This is a vocabulary activity to enrich your child's curriculum. Finding the word's
definition each week will encourage your child to develop dictionary skills, use creativity and increase their responsibility. Your child will bring the new word home on Wednesday of each week. Please be available to assist in finding the word in a dictionary. The internet has much information but one of my goals with this project reflects the use of tools other than the internet. We will do the first one together in class. In summary:

A. The child should write the definition on paper.
B. Your child will include a project to fit the vocabulary word. This might
include a drawing, play dough sculpture, collage or ????
C. Return the paper and project before Wednesday.

Classroom Management
We will be using a positive system whenever possible. Much of the Grimsrud
Elementary staff uses the vocabulary from the ITI Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills(see page for lifeskills). You may obtain more information from me if you would like. We will also use a popcorn jar to earn special activities. We will put popcorn in for special behaviors and popcorn out for not-so-special behaviors. If individual consequences are necessary, privileges may need to be missed. If there are many individual consequences, the parents and I will conference and devise a plan. Conferences may also be requested for unfinished assignments or perceived difficulties. These may be initiated by the parent or the teacher. Please call or e-mail with any questions or concerns.

Snack and Waterbottles
Healthy snacks may be brought to class for a morning snacktime. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SEND SNACKS WITH PEANUT BUTTER TO AVOID PROBLEMS WITH ALLERGIES. I encourage waterbottles in this classroom all year. Our rooms are rather warm so these provide some relief in the fall. I will remind the children to wash these out. Occasionally, I will send them home for a more thorough washing.

We will explore science through a number of activities. Our favorites from last year involved FOSS kits about insects, air and weather, and liquids and solids.

These will come home with your children. Ordering is OPTIONAL. If you order and choose to pay with a check(s), please write the check out to the book club. Birthdays
You may send birthday treats. We have 19 children. PLEASE NOTE: SNACKS SHOULD NOT CONTAIN PEANUT BUTTER!!

We will continue to use a relatively new math series to reach our student goals in mathematics. There will be math homework from the series on occasion. The homework usually needs to be returned within two days as the work is often a starting point for the next math lesson. Most of these homework lessons can be finished in fifteen to thirty minutes.
There will also be weekly homework on "math facts". One page will be for addition and one for subtraction. These need to be returned the next day.

The Bismarck Public School System has invested in a wonderful reading series. Spelling, phonics, reading, and writing are combined in one publisher. There are many
exciting components with these stories!!
Please be sure that your child is reading at home!

Please contact me with any comments, concerns or questions!! or 323-4150

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