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Mrs. Cleary

Welcome to Grimsrud's District Reading

It is hard to believe it is almost February!

Don't forget to read with your children or have them read to you. It is truly most beneficial for your children.

This website will be here for you and your children to view and keep you updated on any items that may be of interest to you.
I will update the page regularly. Feel free to e-mail me or call me with ideas or information that you would feel is beneficial to have on this website.

For information on me, click About Your Teacher on the left side bar.

Contact Info
Contact Information:

Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8:00-4:00, Friday 8:00-3:15
Phone number: 323-4150 ext. 136
E-mail address:

How get In
How Did We Get Into Reading

The Bismarck School District, over the past 5 -6 years, has begun a process called Response to Intervention (RtI). Through this process and the selection system used by the district for students to be in the reading program, your child's needs are evaluated and monitored in an ongoing process to best meet the needs of your child(ren) and all students in our school.

For the reading program, we use data from the Scott Foresman reading assessments, data from the DIBELS (K-grade 2) and MAP (grade 3-6), and input from your child's teacher. The information is put into the computer and the students are ranked in order of need. We then, according to that ranking of 1 to 4, place the students, with parental permission, into our reading program. Onward and forward to success!!

what's it about
What's It All About?

It's about many different ways to teach many parts of the reading process.
*syllabication, rhyming, intial sounds, final sounds, medial sounds, phoneme segemation (splitting words apart by sound, such as b--a--t--)-all through just listening and looking at pictures or objects
*learning letters and sounds, putting letters and sounds together, learning all those rules and exceptions to the rules
*learning comprehension and fluency strategies
*and much, much, much more
AND doing this with "hands ons" activities, reading games, writing, computer, and, of course, reading, reading, and reading.

Our goal
Our Goal

Our goal is to give the students additional tools and strategies in the areas of reading in which they are struggling to help them grow in these areas so that they reach their potentials. May they learn to love reading with a confident, self-assurance that will assist them in their academic work and their personal reading for enjoyment!!


Website Wonders
Website Wonders

Cleary's Picks
Cleary's Picks

There are so many great books out there to explore and read!!
Some fun books for this time of year are:
Jan Brett's books such as The Mitten, The Hat, and The Gingerbread Baby. Check out her website listed above.
The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats is another classic for younger children.
There are some great books by Gary Paulson and Ben Mikkaelson for older students.

Check out time
Check Out Time

There are many books in the reading room that you and/or your child may check out. Some of the reading students have already done so. The books should be stamped District Reading or Special Reading. It is fine if the books seem a bit easy for your child. The practice will make these words become automatic and then they can move on with more difficult words and stories. Feel free to stop in and check it out!

Reading Tips and Strategies

When your child is reading to you and stumbles on a word, one strategy that you could use is to cover up part of the word.
Examples: standing cover up the ending "ing" have them try the base word, if you need to assist more, then cover up the "st" and have them see the "and" and read it. Then add the "st" to "and" and read stand. They will probably be able to get the word standing.
Example: Stan----cover up the "St" and have them read "an". Then add the "St" to get Stan.

Most important

Take time to read to your child, with your child, or let your child read to you!!! INVALUABLE!

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