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Curriculum Resources

Language Arts and Math

Spelling Resources.........

March 14-21

ph, gh- /f/ sounds....

1. phone
3. stuff
4. laugh
5. puff
6. giraffe
7. graph
8. tough
9. photo
11. cough

Math Resources

Grade 2: Coins, Coupons and Combinations (pdf document)
File Size: 15564.33 kb

The Number System

Grade 2: Does it Walk, Crawl or Swim? (pdf document)
File Size: 16517.13 kb

Sorting and classifying data.

Grade 2: How Long, How Far (pdf document)
File Size: 13495.5 kb


Grade 2: Mathematical Thinking (pdf document)
File Size: 276.44 kb


Grade 2: Putting Together, Taking Apart (pdf document)
File Size: 16946.43 kb

Addition and Subtraction

Grade 2: Shapes, Halves and Symmetry (pdf document)
File Size: 16702.56 kb

Geometry and Fractions

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