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Classroom Guidelines

Mrs. Barrett's Classroom Guidelines

Mrs. Barrett's Classroom Guidelines

1. Home Folder: Check it every night!! It is a BLUE folder!

2. Newsletter: I will TRY to send once a month and post on my website!

3. Birthdays: Please refer to the new Grimsrud Birthday Menu!

4. Snacks: We will continue with our healthy snack policy. Fruit and vegetables are encouraged.
No soda and anything to drink that is red. Water bottles are great and encouraged. I also have a small fridge in the room that students are welcome to use.

5. Book Orders: Book orders will be sent home once a month. If ordering
Please DO NOT SEND CASH!! Make checks payable
To Scholastic! On line ordering is great!

6. VIP: We will have a new student every day to help assist me in
the classroom with various activities. This individual
will be the line leader for the day and may choose to bring
1 item for show and tell.

7. All About Me: Every child will have 1 week throughout the year to bring
items about themselves to share with the class. Look
for further information in the near future.

8. Celebrations: More information will be sent as holidays arrive!

9. Music Tues./Thurs.

Phy. Ed Tues./Thurs.

Library Monday

10. My working hours are 8:00-4:00 and I can be contacted at 323-4150.

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